Medical Review

The review was ok. Despite my high level of fat, i do not have any complication in my heart nor to any of its arteries. The percentage of me having a heart attack  in 10 years is 1% only. Thameem said that there would not be a chance of me dying of heart attack since it happens with people who have heart. Sarcasm. Learning to live with it. No diebetes, no blood pressure no nothing. I was kinda disappointed with the result.  I was hoping for a brain tumor, blood cancer, breast cancer, kidey failure, diebetes....nothing. Well I guess that idiot was right. I am looking for sympathy! Duh

Anyway back to the review. I m ok. Theres only a small lump in my right breast which is 1.2cm in diameter. The doc would not have noticed the lump if i had not told them that it hurts. Nothing to worry must be due to the irregular periods i have and of course the blood in my urine suggests that i might have kidney stones, but that again too is not so big an issue. I have to drink 2 litres of water every day to flush out the mess in my body.

How i wish my solutions to my life are that easy... well they are not and we shall not mop about it.
We received the letter from the big S after waiting for maybe 2 weeks and it was all in Malay. I sort of understood the content, but Thameem was not so happy that he did not understand the content.  Well got to wait for another 4-6 weeks before we see any light.

Anyway the indian fellow who was supposed to fix the indian mixer did not turn up for work at Jothi Store. And as with all indian workers in indian stores in Little India ,the lady was so damn stuck up she din even tell me properly what time the guy will arrive to work. But she did mention that the guy will leave at 5pm.

I would not have made that trip if that mixer did not cost my mum $250!!! So I had to carry that Indian mixer every where i go and eventually dumped that thing at West Coast. Will bring it to L.India sometime next week with Raihaan.  I am not in a rush to grind anything at the moment. Just wanted to fix it up so that i can prepare the vitamin juices and use up all the mangoes that were rotting in my kitchen.

I am somehow having an impulsion to buy the new iPhone 4 ever since i heard my sis got one. But the price is way too high to buy it without contract and i have another 5 months to go before i can recontract with Singtel. So I am not taking my credit card with me when i go out. I have no idea how i ended up being a slave to the CCs. No idea.  Need to take control of my life don't we?

Raihaan is talking way too much  now. Hes asking too many questions and its getting difficult to answer them. Registration for nursery is coming up this coming Sat and we will be going to Blk 48 to get Raihaan registered. Then we have to start looking for the place somewhere near Tanjong Pagar. Theres one school i prefer to send Raihaan to and at the moment, i forgot what the name was. Will check it out and post it later.

There are only 2 good primary schools here and i think both Thameem and I agree on this one factor - that Raihaan needs to be sent to a good school.  And also, time for Raihaan to go for his drumming class next year. Thank God hes tall like me, hence he can start on his class soon rather than wait till hes 5 or 6.

Anyway got to ciao. Need to work.

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