Holiday Week

TA arrived from Chennai in the morning. I think he slept for a while and then got up, dressed up and left to have fun with Raihaan and his friend Sada at the Universal Studio in Sentosa. He did invite me, but since I am still in limbo land and I still have the throbbing gum pain, I have decided to be at home and be alone.

I did do some activities today. I uploaded around 10 plus books in eBay, checked emails, cleaned up the study room and cleared the books my personal library. The room looks much better now. It usually is after a general cleaning, and then 2 days from now, the mess will start to appear. Still have not exercised yet, no mood to start on it. It seems that I do well when I am all alone, and not with Raihaan.

Also I still have a couple of books to read, start on my photo journal from France.

This weekend, Fathima brought me out for a post dated birthday celebration. We went to watch Thor in Bugis, and then dinner at Arab Street at a place called Nabins. Very classy yet affordable. Liked it.

Yesterday, I brought Raihaan out to Sembawang, to visit Aisha's new baby boy. I met up with Aisha's mum and aunt, both of them who did massage for me when I gave birth and when I had my fall. They were very nice and were surprised to see Raihaan all grown up. It does scare me sometime too. From the picture below you can see the aftermath of my depression. No makeup, little hair, receding hairline, protruding tummy and waistline, big and wide hips, discolouration on my hands and on my face. A total wreck, but then, I am still there.

Anyway after a small lunch there, we set out to watch movie in Woodlaands. I was lost in Causeway point because of some renovation work they were doing there, so we left for Bukit Batok, West Mall and watched Source Code. Really interesting if Raihaan didn't feel so bored.

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