Bracelet collection

Read carefully the next few words in this post...whoever this is.  I don't care who. If you are not sure what to get for me for my birthday, wedding anniversary, valentine's day, mother's day,my kid's birthday, anyday that celebrates a special day and you have no idea what to get me to make me happy??

Get me Pandora charms. I want to complete my bracelet.
For those who have no idea what I am talking about, take a look at the picture. This is the charm. Well  of course i have zoomed the picture, but its a very tiny thing which will fit into a bracelet.
I bought the bracelet when I was flying from Paris in mid air for S$250 and theres only 3 charms in it. I need alot more to complete it.
So anyone out there who wants to make me happy or who want to see me happy atleast for a while, please get me any one of Pandora charms. They are found in Singapore too.

The following picture is a sample how the bracelet will look like when the charms are all collected.

This is selling for S$350 and this is from eBay. Very beautiful actually. But i m planning to make mine a black and silver collection with stones of different colours. 

So there you go peeps. My life is an open book, so I do not have to hope and expect anything  from anyone, Just give me an authentic Pandora charm for me, and I will be yours ( as a friend, nothing else)

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