Books and food

I left home with Raihaan the moment I finished my housework. I don't think I can function well with negative vibes. Sent kid over to mum's place while I went to Clementi mall looking for the refill for my Cross ball point pen. I love that pen. Also I find peace and serenity in being around books. New books give me a sense of thrill far better than sex I think. Anyway bought myself some stationery and a new book about finance, found the refill, bought lunch and picked up kid and came back home  by 3pm.

MOTH  was not around when we came in. Hes gone for a wedding and then a BBS. Somehow or rather I feel ok when hes not around. Not that I m happy or something like that, just that I am saved from a day of sarcasm that breaks me. If only I had a place to go to in times like these, I would spare MOTH the torture of being around me.

Anyway life has to move on right? Currently in the process of reading a very good book. Its called the " The 7 habits of highly effective people'. This is one of the very few books that MOTH actually bought and tried to read. I don't think he ever finished the book, but he did mention that it was a very good one. It was lying around in the shelf for some time I noted, but I myself never read it. I have over 12 books that I have yet to read and look into and this was one of them. Thought of reading this over before I put it up for sale in eBay. I got sucked into this book. Really good. Still in there.  Just finished the first three habits for personal evolution and now reading the fourth. I don't think I will suddenly become a highly effective person just because I read through this, but I am taking the points I read very seriously.

I have a couple of more books to read and somehow I wish I had some sort of plug in -  you know? The types they have in Matrix where if they wanna learn how to fly a helicopter they just have to plug in the right software?  I wish I had some sort of device like that so that I can spare the time trying to read all the books i have.

And talking about books...I made my first sale!!!! Yipee!! Someone bought my latest LKY book from ebay. Well payment is not in, but I m happy. Atleast something. Alot more to go.

I am kind of in a weird state at the moment because I dozed off in the middle of watching Ben 10 ( or was it Chowder?) with Raihaan. I hate that feeling of waking up with headache and bile in my throat. And Raihaan successfully twarted my plans of watching the re run of House 7. Sacrifices.

Check out my table just days after i cleared it up.

The books i have to complete reading with my notes

And thats Raihaan on the floor watching me work

My Lappy and my table
 And also, remember in my last post about the Food doctor receipes. More pic on the food i ate one day.

Ginger lemon concotion, 5 different seeds porridge topped with low fat yogurt and pumpkin seeds. Breakfast

Beef burger with salad, salsa and red rice - lunch

Baked Salmon in spinach with salad and red rice -  dinner
I did not include the mid morning and mid afternoon dishes cos they were all soups. I have not added any pictures of me because I still am in not a good shape. When I am in one, I will definetly post some.
Anyway thats all I have at the moment. Need to continue my reading.

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