Negativity Rules..for the time being

A lot of negativity is at work in Tebans at the moment and i do not want to write anything about this, it will attract more negativity. I have had enough of them already. At the moment, I just caught the flu bug from somewhere, very tired and have yet to move my butt to do any housework.

I have scheduled a complete medical check up, i suspect somethings up cos i am having regular pains in my head and breasts - need to check it out. Will have a peace of mind when i get the report. Anyway i do not have the mood to do a complete blog. Have not prepared proper food for the past few days, need to get my act back on. Damn tired. Lots of drama in my life.

It looks like a beautiful day outside, with the clear blue sky, and bright sunlight. Really beautiful and i still cannot feel the motivation to do something active. I am procrastinating it. Just finsihed reading a good book the day before yesterday, i think it was called "Howe to save yourself' written by Michael Bill Gates. Not bad very motivating. Now reading 'Happiness in Hard Times' by my favourite writer Andrew Matthews. Halfway there. Need all the motivation to move my ass, i tell you. I will write more about my negativity in time to come, but most prob it will not be published here, it will be in my private blog. Untill then, ciao.

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