Guess what? Nothing changed. I m still lazy, negativity still rules in Teban, I am still not cooking a proper meal, i am still eating junk and to add more woes, i am watching mindless cartoon from morning till night with Raihaan. I am being totally at home and not moving my butt at all. No makeup, no proper maintainance and nothing. Just nothing. I feel as if i m wallowing in nothingness. And i wonder when all this will end. I am trying to sell my books in ebay, lets see if anyone will buy anything from me there.

Raihaan has been feeling sick since this monday and i was supposed to go to work today, but with Raihaan this sick, i did not want to move anywhere. ( One big valid excuse!). I have the medical checkup tomorrow, and i am seriously hoping i will be diagnosed with some rare disease, maybe a tumor or something. Not hating life, but i will really like some movement in it at the moment. I really hate being in limbo. The past few days has me reading and reading, been reading alot of stuffs. Lots of self helps and stuffs like that. Need to move. I borrowed an African Latin dance video to move my big fat ass -  and all i did was to sit down and watch the whole thing. So much for moving my ass.

Anyway, limbo. Very much in limbo.

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