Noxxa week

I m getting tired and pissed with cooking and cleaning nowadays. I think the old me is coming back to haunt me. TA is trying his best to do his work and throw the rubbish now ( thats a surprise and all) but i still feel very tried. I am getting that depressed feeling that no matter what -  cooking and cleaning is something that i have to do in my life!!! Gosh. TA spoke of getting a maid -  thats over my dead body for now.

This weekend was pretty ok. We went over to Shaffie Bhai's place to demonstrate cooking briyani in the Noxxa cooker. Was kinda fun actually. Fathima, Nisha and Me helped with the preparation of the food, while the men did alot of talking. A while later Shekar annan and Anita ji came over. True enough, the briyani was done within 30 mins and the Wajit, was over in 15 mins! I tired it at home but it did not turn out that well. Will be trying over again.

And after the cooking, Fathima rushed us to Teban Gardens cos Raihaan was due to perform the Community Bonding event held by the RC.  Raihaan did pretty well since this is 2nd time performing in stage. But this time however, my son decided to be cocky. He was in the middle of the stage, he caught the eyes of the minister and his aide and did the "look at my eyes and focus' hand sign. All of them were giggling away!!

Anyway the event went well, we took pictures with one of the new MP Ms Foo. She came over and shook Raihaan's hands and commented on the hand signal he made. She was very impressed.

Anyway at the moment, Raihaan is up from him afternoon nap ( kinda early for me) and watching Tom and jerry. I just finished the preparations for dinner. I m making Prawns in Tomato curry and Seasoned Tapioca. Kerala style dishes tonight. Had to make something out of the tapioca TA bought. Researched and found one receipe and did the follow up from there.

Anyway i m very sleepy and all. Got to clean.
Nisha starts off with the food

Thats the onion sizzlin in the Noxxa

Shekar annan taking a shot of me

Thats Naseema telling the gals abt the receipe and thats the neighbour doin the stirring

Times up and the gals check the food

Trust me. The food tastes good as it looks

The Wajit within minutes

Raihaan and his classmates just before their turn

Raihaan looking lost in his shades

The kids on stage dancing

Ms Foo with Raihaan

Raihaan having fun

The kids pretending to be asleep

Rainbow at Teban

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