nothing much

Nothing much to update. I have been getting distracted alot. I am not sure which to focus on. I have my business and work coming up on par. Have yet to close the MIS project i started in Sept. Its gonna be a year i started working and i intend to finish the D and D report before 1st of July.  Gosh.

With all the work i have maintaining a home and family, i m not sure how to cope with work. Simple organising and i know that too. But its the starting trouble i have. I cannot stay focused for too long! Anyway just visited Sumathi in the morning. She called me up yesterday. She just came back from Chennai, she had to rush there cos her brother passed away in an accident last month. Went to see her and consol her. Try as i might, i don't think it was successfful. What can i say? Her own brother passed away and all of them are in shock. He was only 33 years old and he has 2 little girls. His wife is just 28 years old and she was un consolable. Feel bad, reminds me of my Chinna Maama. Well time heals all wounds. Nothing i say can make them feel any better.

Have yet to cook. Fed Raihaan with the leftover Sambar and rice the day before yesterday. I dont have the mood to eat rice, so i have been snacking on potato and banana chips and milo. Very bad. I know.

Well, what else? Nothing much to add. Life is going pretty well over here and i intend to keep it that way. Will be meeting up with Eliyas later with the team. Apart from that nothing much to report.

Oh wait - by the way -  my birthday came and left. It was the most boring birthday ever. Hubby did not get me anything and I was not surprised as well. He only got me the blue roses and chocolates the following day. Some birthday i had. Never ever gonna think of my birthday ever again.

Anyway nothing much to add. Raihaan is up and awake. Time for mothering.


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