Happy Holi

Life is going pretty well. Hubby is at the Spring Leadership seminar for the 2nd day and i have to add - i m proud of his commitment to attend these semianrs though i rather sit down at home and read more motivational books. Thats me.

Well today is Holi i think. Why i think  cos i really don't know if it really is. One of TA's contact called him during our walk back from breakfast asking him to come for the Holi ceelbration they were having at the field beside Sheng Siong. We passed by that area on the way home and there was to some extent some countable number of people and they were all dancing and spraying coloured water and throwing off really vibrant colured powder at each other. Really there were very litle people dancing in small circle. But TA was excited. So when we reached home, he changed into a white t-shirt that he doesnt mind getting it dirty and rushed down with Raihaan.

I was in the midst of preparing lunch in a hurry when TA called me down to join him since the organising committe had buffet as well for SGD4. I came down with my camera. There were more people this time, but the fields were muddy and seriously i couldn't wait to go back home. Raihaan did not like being sprayed with water at all and all of a sudden he became cranky. But the minister came and was nice to see them coming to such functions.

Anyway will post the pics here. The food was nice, we met some nice people and i have been wrongly labeled as being indian expatriate. Thats something i m not sure if i should be proud of.  One of the members there said i should consider being a committee member cos i will get to know more people around in Singapore and he later was shocked when TA replied that i was a Singaporean. Haiz. I really don't need to know more people. I am anti social lah. Just leave me alone in my little island. Gosh. Feel like running into a cocoon and hide sometimes.

Anyway life is pretty much settled here. Working on, and the days are passing by at such an alarming rate.

Thats the typical indian reaction of running to the mother

The Minister's arrival

One of the aides having colored his face

Raihaan getting cranky

Thats me fat.

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