2nd flu for the year

Todays Thursday and the 4th day of me being sick. Actually i m recovering. The sore throat is gone, just mild flu. But i can still feel the phlegm and all.

Anyway Raihaan is not here with me at the moment, hes chilling at my mum's place. We had Raihaan sent to my mum's place cos TA had his big cricket match last night and he needed Raihaan out his head. It was the semi finals with Pakistan Vs India and India won it big time. So the finals will be between the Indian sub continent countries- Sri Lanka and India. I think India will win though and that match will be this coming Sat.

I just had my breakfast, watching movie from Hollywood Clicks ( Death at the Funeral) at the same time. Once the movie is over, will take my pills and then shower and then go over to West Coast and pick up Raihaan.

I have managed to get the general cleaning of the hosue done. have not gone through the in-depth cleaning yet. Will do that when my headache subsides. I get headaches when i have sinuse i think, not sure. TA also told me to get myself a evening gown for tomorrow. He did tell me that we were going somewhere, but not exactly where and all. Was supposed to be a surprise i think. Maybe later, i will take a look at my wardrobe and look for anything that looks like a evening gown. Not expecting anything tomorrow, so lets see how it goes.

Anyway got to ciao. Nothing more to update. Ciao

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