This is it!

i am supposed to blog since todays the day i m leaving ryt?
Well, its been busy since yesterday. TA and I went shopping looking for turtle neck t-shirts and sweaters. I know i saw them in Jurong, but TA was not convinced. So we went looking around in Tanjong Pagar, and then in Bugis, and then  later ended up in Jurong. Found and bought the sweaters and by the time we picked up Raihaan and completed the packing, it was 1am in the morning.

And since most of the packing was done last night itself, i had nothing much to do. I closed the kitchen today itself, so no cooking at all. I ordered Mc Dees for Raihaan and myself and then made Maggi for lunch. TA went to Amway Hq and bought back our stuffs for the month, and then rushed off back to office. Pity that fellow went around Serangoon to get my jacket sewn.

Hes on his way back and all now. Almost all packed. Raihaan is sleeping, still has some coughs and all. But he will be ok.  I will update more when i can and have the time to do so.


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