Raihaan is 3

Life at the moment is going well. Today Raihaan turns 3. It also marked the anniversary of me being a mother for three years. Looks short -  but goodness the process was hard. 3 long years of patience, suppressed evil thoughts and intentions and voila! Look where i am now. 3rd year of Motherhood. Hopefully i can look back and say the same thing in another 27 years time. 30 years of Motherhood. Freaking.

Anyway whats up with Life? At the moment, i m busy cleaning and clearing the house for the birthday bash i'm having for Raihaan tmrw. I didn't arrange everything myself. I got Farzana to plan the event before i left for Paris. So Farzana will be looking after all the nitty gritty headaches, while i will just focus on the cake and food.

Have invited almost everyone i know. I am lacking the kids for the party tmrw, but we shall make the best out of it no doubt.

Apart from that, nothing much to report. All the pics from France has been processed and arranged and i have selected the best of the pictures and i have 400 of them! I only uploaded 130 of them on FB. The rest will be uploaded to the multiply website later when i have the time to do so. Actually ever since i came back, i have been busy with housework and nothing else. It does stretch my time to the max, but i do not have a choice. I want the house neat enough for the kids to play and i cannot compromise on that. But at the same time, i have not washed the damn toilet in my room for a very long time. I am afraid a snake might crawl out of the sink or something. Really freaky. I think i will have it cleaned up before i sleep tonight.

What else? Life is pretty much the same. Oh -  only change- which will come to affect this coming Mon will be Raihaan's schedule. It will be changed back to 0915hrs to 1115hrs instead of the 1030hrs to 1330hrs that i have come to love. Back to the 2 hour schedule. Cannot complain. Its really hard to keep children occupied for such a long time.

Anyway just realised that i have not made dinner yet! Yikes!!! I had KFC for lunch and forgot about dinner. Must make something grand tonight.

Will update later. Ciao

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