Pictures from France

First trip to France, was fantastic and great. I don't have the time to blog a long entry today, but i will upload some pictures here. There are still 4 more folders of pictures that i have yet to bring it down from TA's pc to mine.

First trip to the village in Gorde, Provence

Family Shot in Provence- courtesy of Cecile our tour guide

This was taken after coming from the boat ride in Cassis

Raihaan being naughty at restaurant in Aix

A small frame of time where Raihaan was quiet

Raihaan and me -  in the boat before the ride started

Me -  in the boat, somewhere in the middle of the sea

Raihaan and me in one of the tours to the calanques

one of the many calanques

Boat ride -  last evening in Paris in Batuex Mouches

Evening skyline of Eiffel

The first 5 mins of dazzling lights of Eiffel at 7pm with Raihaan.

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