The countdown starts...

Three more days to go for our first trip to Europe and the packing is not done yet. Medical and toiletries has been packed and completed. The food box is still in the midst of proper packing. TA then drops a mini bomb telling me that he's not sure if food can be brought to Europe. Well if we cannot bring our fast food supplies over there'd, we are in a sort of deep shit because food is expensive over there! Yikes!

Well anyway I will check on that later. Currently I'm taking a short break from the hustles of being a housewife. Finished my breakfast (potato and oats Indian pancake), and lunch was over within an hour as well. Lunch was chan-toor dhal,deep-fried bitter gourd ,stir fried long beans and fried eggs for the boys. I know - very vegetarian. I am recovering for god's sake, I should be cooking and eating light. The only non veg I have in my fridge is prawns and I love to have that made as my fav prawn briyani, but with the current health status I have, its better that I do not attempt to make briyani. But being the selfish person I am, I have decided to make sweet and sour prawn. Just dip the prawn in bater and deep fry it. Have to finish all my vegs in the fridge. I do not want the tenants to finish it on our behalf.

Well what else? Just finished watching the movies from Hollywood clicks. Seriously no mood to watch movies, especially when I know the ending of the movies. I watched Gangs of New York, very very slow, but nice ending. Will mot recommend it to anyone, then I watched another
period drama starring Leonardo Di Caprio, called The Revolutionary road. It's also a very slow moving drama set somewhere in the late fifties I think. But then I love the character played
by Kate Winslet. She plays the troubled wife who's had enough of the mundane life led by her and her hubby's. She attempts to change their life by uprooting to Paris,a decision her favored by the hubby, but somehow he changes his mind which causes the big rift between the both of them. I really feel so sad for her

I also felt bad when she tells her hubby's that she does not feel love for him at all. Should see the way the hubby looked. So much pain. Di Caprio is doing so good in his role, I tell
you. I have to check my movie queue and take out all the award winning movies. They are really getting too slow for me to digest.

Well anyway, I still have to buy myself a camera. I just want a normal digital camera that
will not cost me a bomb...let see if I can buy it online or borrow from any friends. My nokia was a good camera, but now it's kind of slow.

Well, that's all for my break time. Need to look for new recipes to make for tea time, then make something extra for dinner and prepare hubby's lunch for office tomorrow. I think I'm becoming typical Indian housewife already. Haiz. Got to go ciao.

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