Sick for the 2nd time

The maid is gone. For good. Sent her off to her agent last Friday. And i have been doing all the work since that day. Its not tough actually. All i do is prepare food earlier than normal, spend time with Raihaan and TA. Work and business is taking a back stand at the moment, but i will get there soon enough.

Anyway i m at my office today. I happen to win the lucky draw held at its company dinner last week and today is TA office's Chinese New Year dinner. So i m going today. Problem is that i m very very tired. Got the flu from my kid and now have sore throat. Will be going to the docs tomorow. Have less than a week to fly to France and with this flu bug going around ( thanks to our tenants) the Ansari family has been hit. The next on the list will be TA.

Again -  we are still trying to tie up all the loose ends of our grand France trip. At the moment, TA is trying to get hold of a meet and greet service who would help us with the arrangements to go from the immigration to the train station since we have a tight schedule to catch the train. And then, i have yet to sit with TA and discuss about the travel plans. We just never had the time to discuss! Can you imagine that? Whenever TA comes home, Raihaan is just there, calling Daddy daddy and daddy endlessly! When he's ignored, Raihaan demands attention. Thus we really don't get to discuss in depth of our trip. And yesterday, we had a small tiff because i got his name wrong in the traveller insurance that i applied online. I got his given name correct. Its the surname that i got it wrong. I still don't know how the mohammad is spelled.  I mean hes right too. I would be hopping mad if he got my name incorrect after all these years.

So thats one. I just jope that we can discuss the trip in peace and complete it asap. We have to start the packing already. Theres the grocery, medical and cloth packing. Medical is 90% complete. The grocery is haywired, but we get the idea.. The cloth is 10% packed with all the newly bought winter clothings in the luggage first. So there -  we are just 60% packed and ready to travel. Oh -  i have yet to get the camera as well. I know we will be tagging the video camera -  but we have no cameras!!!  What I am worried most is forgettting vital and important stuffs when i m over in France and it could have been avoided if i had planned and thought out the itinery well. I am so worried.

As it is, the weather is horrible there. Its the low season as well. I just hope we don't stay in the hotel. Need to ciao.

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