The past few days has been a showdown between me and the indian maid. I have been tolerating her for the past few days, and last night was the final straw. Well actually it can be said that the drama started two days ago.

The maid did not prepare lunch for the day and did not inform me of it until I came to the kitchen to check on her. She actually heated the sardine curry made two days ago for lunch. I was so very pissed. If she had no idea what to cook, she could have asked me. She didn’t see me in the kitchen the whole day, so she knows that I will not be cooking. Yet, she chose to remain quiet until I asked her.

So I came back home after picking Raihaan up, from his play group and prepared the main dish, side dish for raihaan, and all in the time span she was washing the main toilet. I was pissed. So very pissed.

Then yesterday she informed me in the morning that she wanted to go out to retrieve her stuffs from somewhere. I was so very pissed. I asked her what time she intended to leave, she said the usual time, and I said go. I told her long time ago, that she needs to inform me at least 2 days beforehand if she wants to go anywhere.

Then she came back late. She came back nearly 45 minutes after her cut off time. No phone calls from her. When she did come back, I asked her, why she didn’t call back to inform me that she’d be late, she talked back. I think we spoke back to back until I asked her to leave if she wanted to; she said she already called her agent and have informed her that she wanted to leave.

So I called my agent and arranged her to leave as soon as possible. Of course, the agent has way too many excuses, and he said he will update me the status today. Still waiting. Lousy maid.

TA and I discussed about this situation and he asked me if I had been harsh. I thought about it, but nope. I don’t think I was harsh at all. All she ever does is clean the house. She makes chapatti at night only. She hardly does anything and she needs to be nudged. If it’s a hassle doing housework all by myself, then it’s a nuisance and emotional irritation to have this useless maid at my home. She fucking speaks too much. Does not keep quiet even when she’s in the wrong. She’s working in the wrong place.

She did clean up the place when she came back. But I left the dishes in there for her to clean anyway. Today morning, I woke up together with TA, prepared his milo and his lunch for the day. I think she saw me, hence she woke up late. Prepared the pasta for tonight’s dinner for TA, packed my things for work and left the house without talking to her. I have nothing much to talk to her. When I left the house, I saw her sit at the balcony doing nothing - nothing un usual in that though.

Haiz…. I ‘m tired. Really I am. She’s been here for two months and yes I did not do much housework. Informed TA that he has to resume his rubbish duty from this week onwards.

Anyway on a positive note, she will leave by the end of this week. And the house will be free from negativity!!! What else can I think of? Have thought of my timetable for the housework, and it seems that I must wake up earlier than TA. Not so happy about that, but I think that’s the only way I can juggle my work, business and kid. I think the house, being my eldest does not like being taken care by strangers.

Anyway today is Forbes function. They are having dinner at M hotel and since there was a gift exchange, bought them a speaker worth $29. $9 more than the price they originally wanted me to buy. Well, just completed lunch with TA, discussed business as well as maid affairs with him. Apart from that, nothing much else to blog.

Anyway to my indian cousins, if you are reading this - No matter what you say, Indian maids are the worst bitches to work with. Period.

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