Chinese New Year Dinner

Still sick. Flu has progressed from running nose to occasional blocked nose and a nasal voice which i find it really sexy and husky. Damn it hurts though. We are back from the Chinese New Year dinner, which was held just near by Shaffie Bhai's place. The food was ok. Somehow all the food served at these expensive restaurants tastes average and i wonder why.

Anyway settled the training for my Muscat agent, spent some time emailing and yakking away with the colleagues and left to meet up with TA. I for the first time, met up with the north indian colleagues of TA. Met their wives as well.

We thought of meeting up with Shaffie Bhai and his family, but somehow they were not at home. So after a brief moment of walking-  we had to go back home, cos i could feel the sinuses running up and around my nose!!! The more time i spend outside, the more i was getting sick.

So here we are, back at home. We just completed the discussion on the Paris trip finally. And hes fast asleep on the couch. Also will be uploading the pics taken at Forbes dinner last week. Nothing spectacular, but have to upload it somewhere ya?

Anyway apart from that, nothing much to add. Getting drowsy even without taking any meds, will go and check out the doc tomorrow morning. Have to attend the training at Amway HQ tmrw and then head back home. No rest, and i will collapse even before i get into the plane.


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