Belated New Year!!!

Its been a long time since i blogged in here. Had work and business all coming at the same time together that i really had no time nor the mood to blog. So belated Happy New Year!!

Paris is another 2 weeks away and TA dros the visa bomb again. Sometimes i just wish he becomes Singaporean to spare me all these visa crap! Anyway i think i may have mentioned this before, but the train tickets as well as the paris pass has arrived. Have not made payment to Cecille yet. Will do so by end of this week. Have not bought the disney land tickets, will do that in paris itself. We are getting down in Gare De Lyon, but our hotel is 20 kms away from the train station, and since TA has not confirmed the visa stuff yet, he told me to hold on to booking the hotel near to the Lyon station.
Apart from that, we have yet to purchase the medical and food supplies necessary for 10 days. Clothes, jeans and winter wear are all ready.

Business is going on well. And so is work. There will be some kind of company function for Forbes this coming Thursday that i will attend. Somehow forgot that i have to get a gift worth SGD20, will do so soon.
Apart from that, i m doing great.

I did not come up with any new year resolution this year. Having another baby is still the goal, but i m intending to have enough cash flow first before anything else.

Having some issues at the moment, will update on that when i have a clearer picture on whats going on. At the moment, i can't update anything.

Anyway, i have so much time with me at the moment and i have completed RTK's book, i will return all those to the library and pay for the lost book. Planning to make some banana bread since i have frozen bananas in my freezer.


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