The maid is about to bitch

Not even a month yet. Theres trouble again with the maid. She wants two days leave, with no pay cut. Agent and i agreed with $350 with one day leave only. Told her that i will check with the agent on this and will let her know. But i did tell her that i m not agreeable with the extra day off. She will only get a day off only.

I have yet to get her documents and i will collect them maybe by Tuesday or something.
Next to add to my woes, my BIL's wife is pregnant again!!!! Haiz.

I am going to be positive. I am going to keep a positive outlook in life. I will be pregnant, and i will be soon. I m very sure i will have my baby girl.  Its just positive remarks. I am going to be happy, pregnant and rich. Power of the spoken word and intention.

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