Life is good

This week has been crazy. Been watching lots of movies this week. Watched Iron Man 2,A Team,Rapunzel and Narnia-all these week itself.
Life has been great and not so bad. Living my dream of watching movies all day long without stressing myself out and know what? I am happy.
Well at the moment, I am watching iron man, the first instalment on tv. Raihaan is asleep and the maid is finally doing some housework. I know I know...I am a terrible employer who cannot get a maid to work. Anyway ii do not want to bitch about maids, they get me tensed. And anyway it makes my cousins in India happy for reasons I am not sure why. Well at least they are still communicating with me.

Trip to France is just one month and three weeks away. So far I have made two hotel bookings in paris alone. We have planned trips to Disney land Paris, and visit the wonderful city of Provence. In the meantime, walk around Paris,do some tours like go to Versailles,mont st Michel and maybe do some shopping. I contacted a tour guide in Provence to bring us around there. They have contacted us and we are liaseing on the travel plans and all. We will be going to Aix en Provence instead of Avignon, because it seems that that place is centrally located to all the tourist spots. Well I hope its cheaper than the rates quoted in Viator.

Anyway nothing much to add at the moment. Still typing away via the iPad, but not much use for me since I'm not able to do much via this. I am not sure how to use the iPad for most if my basics such as ms office works. Apart from that both of us use this to just surf the net and blog. Nothing much. I love the touch screen thing, really do. Anyway my business is going on well and know what i am planning to work on it as much as I can.

Apart from that, I have nothing much to report. Very busy with planning the trip and making booking to go to France at the moment. Will report when I can and have the time to do so.


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