IPad galore!!

I am at the moment trying out my new iPad. Got this as 2nd price from TA's dinner and dance this year. Anyway it's fun and I like it. I love the touch pad feature and the key bad on the touch screen is bigger and I make les mistake in the typing as well.

TA in the other hand does not like this at all. I will try to play around with it for a while and then see if it can indeed replace my Ms Lappy. If it does then, I will hand over Ms Lappy to My BIL and then work from the IPad. At the moment still trying out.

Will do some more testing and update later.

Anyway the maid seems to be quiet at the moment, and that makes me wonder what she's up to now.Harnessing another wave of technology now, and I hope to make full use of it!!


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