Financial IQ?

Life this week's been busy and hectic and i would say great as usual. Been giving out training for the whole of this week and i have training scheduled for the next week as well.  So that's good.

Apart from that -  life is going on well. I just finished my fav author Robert T Kiyosaki's book and its called increasing your Financial IQ. It was really good. A good eye opener and really informative. He gave out such good advice and lots of over simplified versions of whats really happening in the current economy for layman like me. Its great to have people like him around. Learning more and more actually. If it wasn't for Forex or Amway, i definitely would not have known about Robert T Kiyosaki.

When i first heard this name, i thought this guy must be some ancient wise Japanese guru who lived around the same time as Fibonacci or something like that. I had no idea that Kiyosaki was still alive and know what? He looks cute too!!! 

I become amazed , as my financial knowledge grow, that there are so many people who do not care about their life or dream ( if they have any). I mean its different to be excited over something and really acting crazy. But i have seen  Singaporeans especially, people who have been in the comfort zone for a long period of time, look at financial savvy people as if though they are scam artists. They really make me laugh.

I had this one small mini discussion with my sis when i was just about to leave my mum's place yesterday and i could not stop smiling to myself when my sis said that she need not read any books about finance and economy cos shes knew all about them anyway! I mean if she said that to me before i was into forex or amway i would have felt offended, but when you are into business and i seriously mean working smart and earning passive income without slogging , your attitude should change. I did not get offended, but i just could not stop smiling. Cos RTK said that when you try to defend what you really think to another ignorant person, you end up having two fools in the same room!!

When i mean change, i mean when you bring your business up, you mould your character and attitude.

I cannot believe that i m writing about this, but i have noticed this change in me. My thought process has changed. There are occasional negative thoughts in me, but i am in the process of learning how to shift the balance. I have learnt that having positive thoughts really do make a difference and i feel sad that my mum does not know how to look beyond her walls and brighten up. Shes happy being in a cage and she would not dream of being let out in the open. Shes happy wallowing in self pity and harbouring negative thoughts. The more she thinks about her sad past, the residual effect affects her present and future. Its actually simple, but i have learnt, that whats simple for me, is not simple for her.

I have also seen how this business of mine has brought friends in my circle. You learn how to talk to people, you learn how to be people savvy. By being at home and working behind the screen, there are so many advantages too, but when building a business, the attitude must make some changes. Attitude determines altitude.

I count myself very grateful and i am thankful to Allah that i have a great husband who supports me in whatever i do and is there doing most of the things that i m lazy to do. If it wasn't for him, i don't think i would have continued this far. But when TA sees an opportunity to grow, he does not sit there and wait, he pounces. That's what i like about him. Anyway, TA is looking forward to grow this venture as much as both of us can. One other thing this business has taught me was to be a leader. Not just get people to sign up and then disappear. We are there, supporting people and encouraging people. One of the best thing about network marketing in the words of Robert T Kiyosaki himself was that it provides immense support and materials and the products. He believes in network marketing and he believes this is one way to make passive income. Kudos to Robert and i am seriously in love with that guy. No wonder people in Amway call TA that.

Anyway my sis is doing well in both her online book store as well as Amway i think. She likes the products and hopefully she does well in both her ventures. I m just waiting for her stores to start running so that i can buy some books from her as well.

Got to ciao, very tired. Had work today, need to rest a while before i start my work.


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