Raihaan and I spent a whole day at Shaffie Bhai's home today. It was such a pleasent experience being with the entire Bhai family for a day. Raihaan enjoyed the long trip there. We took the bus to Harbour front, the NEL to Dhoby Ghaut and the Circle line to Mountbatten station. Bhai's house is just 2 mins walk from the station.

Anyway the day was spent nicely, had great conversations with Naseema and the kids had fun too. And another good news was that Shaffie bhai decided to sign up with us. I knew he will, but i was not sure if he was really going that far. Felt proud and now i have to make sure that Bhai is motivated to work in this.

Fathima bought esprings to move her PV volume up, A good move and shes now at 12 percent. Something good. I m sure i did not make it this time since my downline has not bought anything since the espring.

Apart from that life is great. I will be meeting my best friend Marlina after a long time and i cannot wait to meet her. I will be pretty busy tomorrow as well. For one, i will have to rush to Raihaan's school and pay for the function and block party tickets. Following that i will be going to the Amway office and make payment for the huge amount of stuffs i bought. Next, i was thinking of checking out the car rental, but if i have to meet Marlina by 4pm at IMM, i do not think i have the time to check on the cars or soemthing like that.

Its 1.30am in the morning here. I am at the moment bringing down the patches for the system. Something that i really hate. I always keep forgetting where the update and application folders are by the way. I have another  30 mins or so of this work and then i m done for the day. If there are problems tomorow with regards to the download, I will try my best to fix them up.

I m not sure what the deal is with my husband, Hes not messaged me or called me up at all. But then, what can i expect? Hes visiting his family and new nephew. Of course he forgets his wife and kids. He has not called once to talk to his own son. He says he misses him, but i guess i m like Mr Kumar, I can smell a bull miles away. What the hell is wrong with TA? Why is he behaving like that? I m not sure how he falls asleep without thinking of his wife and kid. Its really nitty gritty things like this makes me boil. What can i do?He messaged me asking me if we need to purchase the espring,. And then he sent couple of pics in individual emails of the condo we bought in Chennai. And then a photo of Ayubul. He looks so much like Raihaan now. Wonder why my kid ends up looking like the others. Sometimes i wonder if the health of my marriage is any better than my parents. And i have no answers to that. I just have to be grateful that i have a 'lovely and supportive' husband ( we have to forget that he cannot help the wife with the housework part).

I guess i will just focus my energy on building my business and become wealthy. Anyway nothing more to add. Have bitched enought about my other half. No point talking to him about him anyway.An Indian will always be an indian.


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