Graduation Day

Just over a week has passed and i feel as if so many things happened. First of all -  we attended the F.E.D last weekend. Celebrated Fathima's birthday as well. Had a very small fight with TA and on the way to toilet slipped and fall. Hurt my ankle and was not able to walk for 2 days. TA took leave on Monday and then helped to look after me and Raihaan.

The maid and my mum got into a squabble and my mum refuse to have her in West Coast and the maid equally adamant that she never be brought to West Coast as well. I cannot explain what happened as well. Nachiya is pretty bored with things at home. She can't seem to find anything to do at home. Shes finished pretty well and thus shes bored. Need to find stuffs for her to do asap.

Next -  this week is Raihaan's last week and todays the last day in school. He attended the graduation ceremony today and though hes not graduating, he had to perform on stage.  The pics will be posted here. I took videos mostly and i must add that the ceremony was very well done. The teachers must have taken alot of effort to do this.

I also brought Raihaan out to watch his first movies yesterday. We watched 'Megamind' and though Raihaan did not bother me as much as i imagined he would do, he did get testy towards the end of the movie when the candies ran out. And what else? Yeah that's all i could think of at the moment. I will be collecting myt driving licence tomorrow. I was supposed to get it after Raihaan's performance, but he became cranky and did not want to get into the bus without me, so i will get the thing done tomorrow morning.

In the office at the moment and i m not sure what TA has planned for the night today. Will have to check with him on that. Also my cash flow seems a bit restricted this month since i m on credit from both credit companies as well as from Cashline and i have 2 payments to Mr Kalai. I think i have stretched myself this time. And this is what they call Bad debt or something.
Anyway will end for now and attach some pics taken during raihaan's graduation and deepavali.

Raihaan in his Diwali suit

Uncle and Raihaan

Raihaan and Kelly at Mdm Parama's house

Raihaan with the lights
Diwali interior deco by Somi
Raihaan taking part in the graduation ceremony

Teacher Soffiya and Raihaan

Teacher Yana and Raihaan

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