Car returned

Just returned my Mazda 3 today. After 7 days, countless coupons and 2 trips to the petrol stations later, the car is back to its real owner.

Its been fun actually. With TA around it was fun. Yes, TA was surprised that i got the car and drove and everything. But you know what? I drove 2 more times to and from the airport!!! I also went to Toa Payoh all on  my own and reached Hersing Hub without killing anyone! I also drove Jun back to her home in woodlands and drove back home. I also went to Mdm Paramas's house twice and to Shaffie Bhai's house twice and went to Ubi twice!!! I only used my Nokia navigator the first 2 days.Then i started to depend on TA. He was good at giving me directions.

I also did the gas pumping all on my own. TA was impressed. He now wants to get a car, but then the idea is on hold till we get our finances on the right path.

Well updates everyone. We have another new maid- mdm Nachia. Shes ok. I will not say much about her. Will update about her in another 2 weeks time.

Mum is still angry with me. I m pretty sure its about me renting the car and buying the Icook when i could have given her the money or something like that.

Anyway i bought Jun to the open meeting, last Wed, shes still skeptical, but TA is hopeful. So lets see. We have yet to sit down together and discuss about our plans to achieve in this business. Hes been busy and so have i. I have yet to sit and focus on my day job at the moment. Anyway, apart from that, my nutrilite supplements arrived and i have yet to start on them. I will have to read through whatever i brought one more time and see what can be done.

Oh and before i forget, did i mention that TA went to Mdm Parama's house to cook briyani? We were there the whole day and left home only after 10pm plus. The dum briyani was not bad, but cos TA was not able to control the heat, the rice was not as cooked as it usually would be. Anyway the pics are still in my Nokia. Will upload it when i have the time.
I am planning to read some of my books. this is the first time i have surplus books but no time to read....terrible. And oh -  still have not planned the itinerary to France yet!!!! Gasp!!!


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