The trouble with maids

Couple of updates just to follow up on my last post. I wil be making a 20% downpayment for a condo that i have booked in Chennai. Its called Dewey Terrace and i will be making the rest of the payment once i get my keys in beginning 2012. I have no idea what came over me, but bought it anyway. Lets hope i made the right decision. TA bought a 3BHK unit in the same place for his parents, under his name.

Since both of us have invested in two different properties, to make ends meet at home, we have decided to rent of the guest room. It will be for rent for atleast a year. We will review our financial situation in Oct and then will decide if the unit has to be rented out. At the moment, i posted an ad in the net. Had just 1 caller a while ago, but had 41 views on it already! Well lets hope we can get a tenant soon before TA's 1st payment to the bank.

Just went for my final driving revision at BBDC. All went well. On the way home, had a phone call from mum saying that the maid has some issues with sleeping in the balcony and going to and fro to two different places. Hubby complains that i should have talked to the maid before hand....that pisses me off. Well anyway I came back home, checked in the MOM's website, it says that she can sleep in a well ventilated room, provided she has her basic stuffs. Just talked to my mum, i will talk and discuss this with the maid when i bring her back home from West Coast tomorrow. Worse comes to worst-  she will have to pack her bags and leave. Wondey why i keep having issues with maids.

Anyway i will be going to one of those Amway meetings with Fathima, I really have no interest going there, but only because of Fathima, i drag myself there. If she believes in it, i will support her. Shes the only friend i got at the moment.

Anyway, i m pissed off with the maid and tired with all the thinking and itinery planning for France. Going for a short walk at my threadmill. Ciao.

Oh by the way - just so that i remember -  our Mrs Lee Kuan Yew passed away last Sat 02/10/2010. Shes a nice person and i really hope she rests in peace after suffering for 2 long years.

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