Passed my driving test!!

Good news first...i passed my driving test yesterday! I will get my photo licence card somewhere next month, but I already am a licenced driver now!!! Its was a nerve wrecking 3 hours -  waiting for the warm up and the test to complete....even Thameem came down to support me. He was very proud that i made it!

Anyway thats one good news. The other will be that my maid here will finally leave my humble abode and find someother place to live. I have talked to Mr Kalai and he has arranged it for me. The maid started her drama early in the morning. I could not be bothered - i packed, and left for office. Anyway i will just have to do what Thameem says -  ignore and move on.

Apart from that -  i still do not have any new callers about the room that we are renting. At the moment, we are going to have Balaji to come and stay for another one month, after which we have to scramble and look for a new tenant soon enough. I will take a new picture of the room and will post it later on.

Oh - i bought myself a new Blackberry Curve. It was an impulsion- costs SGD198, paid from my credit card. I m having thoughts of tearing up my card into pieces, cos i really cannot control my freak expenses. I was supposed to have completed the payment of credit card by the end of Dec so that i will have clean slate on mt credit card by beginning next year. Bought this from the Singtelshop website. I still have some explanation to do to Thameem in this case. Will break the news to him softly somehow.

Anyway nothing much to add to my post at the moment. For now, i m focusing on work and i have stalled my France plans for the moment. I will take a look back to the plans when i come back home tomorrow night. I am planning a trip to Rabeena's place tomorrow. Been a while since i visited her. Will bring Raihaan along after school.  We have also mde the first doenpayment for our new units in Chennai. I have been having more than 2nd thoughts of buying a property there in Chennai, but Thameem says that i can sell it off later for a better return. And also, what is strange here is, my in laws have not asked me or Thameem why i am buying a unit as well.

Come to think about it, they never cared about me, so i do not think they bother about my decisions. Also SIL will be giving birth soon. More than ever i m sure its a baby girl. Not good feelings from my side, but  i do hope the new baby is not disimilar from her 1st born!!

By the way been watchin Ip Man frm Hollywood clicks. Like the movie alot. Just got the 2nd installation, only watched a while. Will watch the remaining later. Apart from that -  nothing more to add. Will add when i have the time.


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