One more huge payment

TA left for india today. He was supposed to go to Mumbai first and then to Kaakinada and then to Chennai. But i am not sure what happened to the plan -  there were some last minute changes and i did not bother to ask what they were. As long as he reaches Chennai safe and sound.

I am at the moment, working on everything here. I am currently reading the book given out at the PASE meeting. Its called ' The 17 essential Qualities of a Team Player' by John C Maxwell. I have so far read 10 qualities and have 7 more to go. Good book and makes me think alot.

Also i have again utilise my CC to purchase my MS products online. Just paid SGD250 incl the back up disc just in case i buy another notebook that does not comes with the MS installed. At the moment i type this,the software is being installed. Haiz,im really spending too much.

This week, my schedules are pretty tight. Tomorrow, going to Rabeena's place for a visit. Wednesday is office day,Thursday meeting Farzana and Friday will be PASE meeting. Pretty tight and i am planning not to go to any friends house during the weekend. I have already informed Fathima that im pretty happy in my comfort zone and not to count too much on me. TA is fired up anyway and I think he will get involved in it. We went to Shaffie Bhai's home last sunday and got Fathima's cousins Shah Jahan annan to talk about this business. I am not sure if he will take up,but if does,it will be good. Actually,im just into it to see how far i can go. See if i have what it takes to be in this. Not for the money or anything like that. Further more,the bonus they give out is really pathetic compared to the amount that i spent on the products itself.

Apart from that nothing much to add. Because of the fight we had for a week,I have not been concentrating on our Paris trip. Will have to start focusing on that cos i do not want to lose all my good hotels booking. Will wreck my brains over that when i have the time by next week night. Anyway thats all i have at the moment. Need to install and uninstall some programs in my notebook before i sleep. Nowadays my Notebook takes its own sweet time to load all its application and i think its time i throw out all the unwanted applications and softwares.


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