Maid issues - for the 4th time.

Today is not a good day. I had the maid giving my problem first thing in the morning, and then my mum. Imagine the scene...maid missing. She was first seen in the kitchen. Then she went missing. The next thing i know, my son told me that the maid was sitting out at the staircase near the door step. When i saw her, she was crying and weeping. Told her to stop all the drama and come in to the room. Its day 3 today and she was getting on with her drama and it was getting too much!

I talked to the agent, to her agent in India and then managed to get her out of the house by 11plus. Even before the maid left, my mum came up to my flat. My mum was ok untill the maid left. Once she left, mymum began questionoing me the reason of letting the guest room out. We had a good 10 mins or so of fight till we decided to go to Rabeena's place.

I mean -  we have some issues. Me and hubby are getting a unit each and that is money we don't have and need to borrow. I have a guest room that can be utilised.If i can make money out of it, why not? Mum says i am being greedy and that i am never satisfied with whatever i have. I am spending well, but exactly not rich. I don't know. I m more than thirty years old and i still go for my mum's approval...what the hell is wrong with me?

And further more,I don't understand why a maid cannot be flexible. I did not give her any timetable nor was i strict with her. I told her to do the household chores everyday and asked her to cook what she wants to cook. Its tough to have someone like her work for me.

Anyway thats past. Mum is mad at me for fighting with her over the maid, the guest room and the budget. But Hubby has a right to do whatever he wants with his money. Hes giving it away to his parents, and not getting me to work and using my money to pay for his parents anyway. I m not sure whats the big deal with my mum.

I m at Rabeena's place at the moment. The kids are all asleep, and mum is taking a small nap at the sofa here. I need to do some thinking about myself. I have been very lenient with all the maids. I guess i have to buck up and come up with a timetable for the new maid and treat her exactly how Mrs Paramas treat her maid.  Used to pity her maid. but i think Mrs Paramas is right. They deserve to be treated like that because they cannot be trusted to be given ownership. And its because of maids like Mangai, all the other maids are having terrible reputation. Need to buck up and  prove whos boss. I used to be good in that with Thuan. Need to work it out.


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