Its been great these days

Life has been pretty great the last couple of days. My credit card has been really working well. Its paid for my latest Microsoft software and it will be paying for the all things i bought from Amway come Monday. I ordered things worth SGD800 from Amway and the bulk of it came from this amazing cookware set called ICOOK. I have happened to hear about the quality of Amway cookware and i always wanted a quality cookware, not the ones i have been using. So i bought them. I m really looking forward to receiving the cookware.

My credit card will be paying for the new jeans that i will be ordering later. The only one i had has torn and i suddenly feel that i have nothing right to wear anymore. So i will be getting a new pair of jeans online from America pretty soon.

Also a prospective tenants came to view the guest room last night. They were young couple like us, Indian Muslim family and they have a 3 year old kid as well. I like them very much, but i m not sure if they have decided to stay yet. They wanted a house just after the 15th and TA said that the room will be available after the 20th. I have not called the lady yet, but i will call her on Monday and let her know about the room's availability.

At the moment, TA is still not back from his great long trip from India. He reached Chennai today morning and after that no message from him since then. I m just blocking all the mad and negative feelings and vibrations i have about him. If I focus too much on him and whats hes doing, i will lose myself to the negativity. I do not want to do that. I need to move on and become financially independent woman.

I will be going over to Shaffie Bhai's home in the morning tomorrow. Hopefully he will sign the deal and become my member. I m not pressing him to be in my team or anything like that, but it will help him to grow in this as well.  That's one down.

I was thinking of renting a car the whole day today. My idea and intention was to go to the airport and pick TA up and surprise him. He will be happy that i drove to pick him up. But i just get boggled down by the idea of it. Driving a car is a big thing, and i m worried. I m not sure how to get the coupons for the car, where to park the car, where to get the cash card and how to pump gas for it. Just these simple things and i m stuck. The car rental place is somewhere in bedok reservoir. I can go there in a cab and get the car, but i have no idea how to drive back. That's the catch. Anyway i will think of a way  soon.

Other than that -  life is great. Being grateful for the things, people and life i have. Nothing much to say about that. Anyway i have to ciao. Need to focus on reading a book that i bought today. Its called " Retire Young, Retire Rich' by Robert T Kiyosaki.

Reason i bought the book was not to retire young or something like that...i have been hearing about this guy too much from my team that i had to get any book written by this guy and see what is going on.

Oh by the way, my leaders, Guru and Poorani came by today,. They just dropped by to say hello. Nice couple, like to have them over at my place more often but not to talk about e-spring. Anything except e-spring.

Anyway got to go, need to read this and be ready for the next day tomorrow.

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