Change of style

Its been a busy Friday. After attending the Amway meeting last night, Fathima drove me to Jurong Point ot meet up with Hubby. Thameem and I arranged to meet up at Jurong Point after Amway. Fathima joined me for dinner at Prathas and then  we discussed more about Amway.

After the discussion, we went to watch Enthiraan. Seriuosly, it was a good movie.The movie surpassed all my expectations about this movie. Rajni was simply great, Aish was ravishing and the music was great. I did not expect Rajini to come up with such a great movie. This time round, Rajni did not come up with such dialogue or fight scenes and stuffs like that that makes a signatory Rajni movie. It was a great change from his usual style and i really loved it. The climax was a little draggy, but then it was really good. Anyway i loved the movie and it was awesome.

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