Busy day

Its been quite a day. Was at office 2nd half of the day and then spent the remanining evening at Hersing Tower accompanying Shaffie bhai  to the Amway Open Meeting. Bloody hell they will not tell me whats going on untill the last minute. I only found out that i have to pay SGD8 for open meeting as IBO. Thank God Logan gave me the money.

The open meeting went well. Same thing over and over again. Still - need to be around and absprb what the people are saying so that i know what is going on as well. I have been given another one more cd to listen, will do that tomorrow morning.I have a cd review to give on Friday's PASE meeting. I will just listen to a few more cds and check it out. Tomorrow I m bringing Raihaan out to visit Farzana and her kids. Have not seen her for like ages lah.

Anyway nothing much to add, will add when i have the time.


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