Blackberry woes

Sometimes, i have no idea how stupid i am untill i find myself in a fix like i m in today. I bought the BB online. If i had just been patient enough, i would have been able to get another SGD100 discount if i signed up for the Blackberry Internet Service ( BIS). I only read about that after i made the purchase.

Next, I thought i would not need the BIS , since i m using my mobile internet anyways. But its not what i envisioned it to be. I wanted to receive my emails, check my FB and twitter and post on my blog comfortable with a push of one app button. But thats not whats happening at the moment. Since i m using my internet mobile, I m not getting the service that i need. I need to check my office mails and my personal emails, all with a one app. Not logging in and out. I also noted that i cannot access to any Blackberry service till i register my device with the service provider that i have a blackberry and thus require its service.... Haiz.

I m so stupid. Could have read the details carefully,. and i would have had the BIS by now.Still, the iphone looks neat to me.

Fathima and Logan came down to my house today. It was pretty good actually. I can see that both Logan and Fathima are passionate about this business ..and i really hope i can find some miracles in this. I really do.Its just that i have stopped ignoring it and now i m looking it and facing this as a challenge that i ought to take.

By the way, i have to admit that the juices i bought from Amway was just fantastic. I did not know that they will be this good. I fell in love with their macadamia chocs, but i did not know that their lemonade and the orange juice will be this good.

Anyway i will be ordering more chocs from Amway soon. I also bought Folic acid and Omega tablets from Nutralite, i will start taking them tomorrow. I m lacking on my multi vitamins intake nowadays. Need to do something about that soon.

The day he got his fingers stuck in the threadmill

Anyway nothing much to write. Did i mention that Raihaan's fingers from his right hand got stuck in the threadmill last Thursday? It was stuck and i did not notice it. I felt very guilty actually. I quickly switched off the machine and help take his  fingers out. His mid three fingers were pretty bad actually. He lost a bit of flesh on his middle finger and it looked very messy. I was caught in between deciding wheter i should bring him to the doc or do the first aid myself. His reaction -  well no good of course. He kept crying and crying,something i would do myself anyway. I helped to apply the anitseptic cream and put on a gauze for him. It was a terrible 30 mins before he fell asleep crying. I felt so helpless when hes in pain.

Well its day 3 since his accident., his wounds have dried. But he has yet to move his right hand. Hes learnt to live on a daily basis without his right hand, and he refuses to move them. I am sure its because hes afraid of the pain or something. I was a bit worried that his fingers might have been fractured or something and i really hope its not so. I really hope he moves his fingers soon.

Anyway i managed to get hold of the book that Oprah was raving about in about her show and on her website.Its called 'Woman, Food and God' by Geneen Roth. Not bad i 'd say, but i need to complete reading the book before i comment further. I noticed that there was a worksheet based on this book as well on Oprah's website.Thank god this book was available in the library -  save me some money, or else i would have bought it over the net.

I think ever since online shopping became something of a daily stuff, i became a number one fan of it. I just love the simplicity of buying some thing i like on line, without the need to go around looking for it. I can just browse through what i want and make purchase on line and the item is then delivered to my doorstep. I like it.

Anyway i need to start reading on my book. Will update more later.

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