What a puky day

Just read my last post and realised that it was only last week that i had posted and i am not sure why i felt that its been more than that really. Haiz.

Anyway lets do some update. BIL is away in Arabia for his Umrah. Mum and I (not forgetting Raihaan) did an overnight there last week. Not bad but sis was working her ass off at home. Shes running her running there,cleaning here and there. Its difficult to get the home organised if there are a gazillion balls all over the place. Rabeena bought that to humor her kid! All i ever did there was to pick up the balls and put them away from the hall every now and then. I swear i could lose weight easily if i stayed there for a week. Sister's MIL was also there, a little lack of privacy -  but nevertheless had fun, Glad the kids had fun as well.

Festive wise -  I have been fasting for 28 days now.And another 2 more days for the fasting to be over. I am still tired and lethargic and have no idea why. Today i felt puky and nauseous. Anyway back to festive wise -  almost everything is ready for Hari Raya. The cookies  ( mum has prepared and sent over 4 different cookies, i made 2 - Peanut butter and Oats cookies), clothes, ( Raihaan is still on the way), the bedspread and curtains are all ready. I have managed to clear and organise the store room as well! I started cleaning on Sun -  then Hubby and i went looking for storage shelf from teban all the way to West Coast. Found what we wanted at West Coast Market( opp West Coast Plaza). The shelf was delivered yesterday. After clearing the unwanted rubbish and storing what we needed - the store room looks beautiful. I m so proud -  that i was able to do that at least now. Hubby wanted to wait till later to get the shelf, but i was adamant that we have the store room sorted out. I paid SGD200 for the shelf while hubby paid SGD94 (incl delivery charges). Just waiting for the Puasa to end so that i can start focusing on my health,

Work wise -  status remains unchanged for now.  No issues for the past few days. I hope this remains till the end of this week,

What else? At the moment of blogging, a part time maid is washing my plates, I employed her for 5 hours to clear my mess at the kitchen and toilet. I am absolutely in no shape to do all that.Too tired.Anyway right now i will just finish blogging, read my book and then wait for Raihaan to wake up hungry. He slept late again today since its school holiday for a week now. Oh by the way -  his teachers loved the gift and thanked me when i sent Raihaan to school the other day.

I m going to office tomorrow and then will be back at West Coast to meet my mum and sis. Have arranged Henna session with Sis and then later rush back to Teban to hang the curtains and do last minute cleaning. I am following sis to Toa Payoh hub on Thursday. I will be babysitting for her anyway. After that rush home again. I am not sure when i can take my saree blouse, but hopefully i squeeze in the time for that. TA had budget difficulty this month, He spent money on getting clothes for the men in his home, and then the Raya shopping.Think he did not expect to spend so much anyway. I will go down to the Bank on Thursday and withdraw some cash from Raihaan's accout. Need money for the hongboa anyway.

I feel puky again. Need to rest. Ciao

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