oh what a day

Its been a week since we went on board the ship and i have yet to write up on anything on that. What i did do was to write my thoughts down on one of the pages in my notebook, maybe i will just scan it and attach it in here cos that will be really to manually type out what i wrote.

Early morning pic of the sea

Well anyway the cruise went well, the cabin was small, but snugly, there was not much of channels to watch in the tv, the toilet was very tiny, cannot stretch my arms. The non chargeable food served in the restaurant were not warm and most were served cold. There were lots of North indian walas and South Indian people. We had some quiet time peace and relaxation. It was nice to be in the middle of the sea in the dark with the wind playing with the hair and all. Pretty nice. We got down in Klang, shopped a little.

 I shopped in the cruise as well. I bought lots of stuffs for everyone at home.

Mosque in Little India, Klang
TA had a great time there as well. He took part in this eating chocolate as sexy as you can contest and share the first prize with a poly student from Singapore. Due to the graphic nature of the video, TA has requested not to upload the video in Face book, YouTube or in my blog.

It was great, We watched a show, we were quite late for that. And then we paid SGD40 each to watch Casanova, a show where all women were topless but most of the theatre was half filled only, and 99% of the hall were Indians. ( I m not surprised). They all had very small breasts but they looked good naked.

Anyway that's a short update about the cruise trip we had. I fall sick on Sunday, and i have no idea why that happened. Just went to the docs two days ago and i feel fine enough to drink a bottle of chilled Perrier i bought from the ship with my balance dining credit.

Hira, just before breakfast

I have yet to go to office or check on my work. I have not checked on my work for a few days now. Also the new maid came. I m not gonna say much about her, but for now, shes ok. Shes a middle aged woman, she cleans well. She does not talk much, she wakes up pretty early and starts her work. At the moment, i have no complains. She reset my toilets and kitchen. That's what i wanted. Mum stayed with us for 2 days and she left for West Coast just today. Shes been having some sort of toothache, bad enough to want her to take all her remaining teeth out. I m worried about my old age just by looking at her. Is this how i will end up???? Gasp!!!!

Anyway the maid went along with her. She will not be working at West Coast, but she will be following wherever my mum wants to go. 

Raihaan is asleep at the moment, and i m trying to catch a moment for myself before i take on my work. I have put the treadmill out in the hall back again, but this time, it will be just near the sofa. I can just walk on it as an when i m watching the tv.

So that's the update at the moment. I have planned a little swimming trip with Prabha and Karthee tomorrow, and lets just see how it goes.I have got a driving class this coming Friday as well.I will be leaving Raihaan with mum, rush to office and then rush back to BBDC to attend my 2nd last driving revision. So far so good, my driving i ok., But my safety check are pathetic. Need to improve on that.
Anyway at the moment, mum has another plan. She want to go for the 8D/7N trip to Kerala arranged by the Magnetron travel agency. I have called and enquired, and the cost including the food and accommodation is SGD1800 per pax. I forgot to ask how much it will be for Raihaan. The trip is on the 1st week of Dec and mum really wants to go. I m not sure if i can make it...i mean its a huge sum of money and i will be tight from Oct onwards ( new maid and expenses...) so i m not so sure. Will check and discuss this with hubby. If i go to Kerala, i will then have to go down to Chennai and visit my relatives. Think i will ask hubby on that...most probably, hubby and i will meet in Chennai. His sis will be given birth by then. Urgh...money money wherever we go.
 I need to clear my credit card debt before we go to Paris in Feb, if not spending will be tough. I estimated that i can clear my debt in another 3 - 4 months time and that is if i do not touch the card till Feb.

Anyway just remembered something. I signed up for a talk cum movie last Saturday. It arranged by the maybebaby people. The early birds had a couple's shot taken, a 6R print was later given, popcorn and coke was given after the talk, goodie bagwith magazine, vouchers and etc was also given out. We watched Wall Street. I dun understand the movie after a while I am thinking of renting the movie later on to really understand the concept anyway.

Also, our pic has appeared in the FaceBook. This is the link (http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?pid=435785&id=118277554866427&fbid=158576264169889&ref=nf)

Anyway, i m closing off this mail with the pic that was taken of us. I m not confident of any votes, but i really hope i win something.The next talk cum movie is next month, will sign up for that later. Its only SGD15.

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