Not in good mood

Tomorrow may or may not be the first time i will be boarding a cruise ship and that is all depending on what the counter staff says when we check in tomorrow.
I am every bit worried about that.

Secondly, i lost my mobile broadband modem..its nowhere to be found. I only found out about the loss yesterday when i left the house to go to office. I have been looking for it at my mum's, my sis's and i have turned my house upside down as well...but i cannot find it. I have not been using it for a while and it always was in my purse so i was assuming it would be there, but then its not. The last usage was when TA used it on Hari Raya,..and that was it. I m pretty much upset about it.

The live in maid application has been approved. She will be coming in on Mon morning. I will be packing her off to my mum's and let he help my mum out from Tues onwards. I cannot be bothering about these issues at the moment.

Work wise -  well i did a demo with my two bosses. They had far more questions than i had the answers to and i m not sure if i m the right person for the job anymore.

I m pretty much upset with the loss of my modem and about the Malaysia visa thingy. I just do not have the mood at all. I have not started the packing yet. I will be going to the bank when i send Raihaan to school tomorrow and will get the money transferred to my account and then perhaps i hop down to IMM and check with Singtel about replacing my modem. TA said it will cost me $200 to replace it....where will i go for that much of cash????

Just last week i left a bag of books in the cab's booth and got mad at TA instead. I had to call Mothercare and file in a report with Comfort cab the following day and thank god the taxi uncle was nice enough to come to my place and return the books. Lost and found. I m very sad and depressed. I really really hope that Thammem and I will have a good time on board the vessel and laugh away this issue that's bugging me.

I wonder what the hell is wrong with me? I m having trouble remembering things and that's beginning to bother me. Haiz.

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