2nd day of Eid reporting

Its the 2nd day of Hari Raya. Eid came and went. I am glad that I am not fasting anymore, but still, tired. Mrs Somehsa and her maid came today for lunch and dinner. It was nice of her to bring along her maid to help me with the cleaning up of the mess.Vali made a surprise visit in the afternoon which was followed by Balaji and family later in the evening,

I did not come up with 7 course meal or anything like that....i just made Prawn Briyani, Fish Kofta, Cream of Brocoli soup and Chicken Curry. I made banana fritters for evening tea as well. Everything ended well today. Only hiccup i had was that Raihaan developed viral fever from Muhammad. Hes sleeping on the couch as i blog at the moment.

Apart from that i have nothing interesting to add. I m in the process of getting a new maid and submitting all the documents to Mr Kalai. I have to switch on my office email to keep track of my emails. Will take a look at it in the morning.

Anyway adding a picture of Raihaan taken just a few minutes ago.

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