Family day events

You know so many things happens around you when you just step outside the house? That's just what happened last night and today as well. Ayer Rajah CC held a Lantern Festival event last night. they gave out free lanterns and candles, goodies bags and free food. They had me at free food!! The event was to start at 6.30pm, but we left the house at 6.30pm, walked to the CC after picking up Ameer. We were given the lanterns and candles and after a while, there were the lion dance troupe as well. It was kinda loud, and it was crowded...but the air was filled with could just feel it.

Oh before i forget, while waiting for the fun to begin, there was a CC volunteer who came up to us and sold us some tickets to the West Coast Family day function that was going to take place at the Jurong Park just opposite to Jurong Point. According to the guy( his name is Devan) there will be breakfast and lunch provided with lots of games and free stuffs. The ticket was just SGD3 each. Since we had no solid plans for Sunday, we bought three tickets for us and Ameer.

10 minutes plus later, we walked to the Chinese temple nearby with the 100 or so residents. I did not know that there was a Chinese temple that was just a walking distance away! Even TA was surprised! So we walked carrying the lanterns to the temple, and then we were given a packet that had a free Yeos drink and a moon cake. We were guided in and through the temple to the backyard. There, they had this big stage set up with lots of chairs and all.They had the Chines karaoke with elderly Chinese women singing- something i cannot describe at the moment. It was just scary.There were two different tents setup in either side with a halal tent set up on the left side. They served macaroni and mee soup. Not bad,...there was control. They had slices of banana cake and spring roll as well

Raihaan had fun playing with the other kids who had sparklers. We did not stay for the lucky draw since we do not ever win in any lucky draw. But we were on the streets were a very long time. We brought Raihaan to the playground and let him have his fun .

While walking, we walked into the inner streets at Pandan Road and explored for a while. We walked into the CC again and watched some kids practising Taekwondo. We met another Indian guy who came forward to us and introduced himself as Shanker ( that's what i think) and said he was in Indian Activity team in the CC. He asked us to join the Indian karaoke session that was going on. It seems that they have Tamil karaoke session every Sat night. TA, Ameer and Raihaan went to watch, while i took 15 minutes to re apply my PA card. I did come into the karaoke room later .There were less than 10 people there and most of them sang quite well. I had to leave once  the KJ( Karaoke Jockey) started to sing,. As much as i m happy that shes confident about her singing ability, I could not tolerate her high pitch tone. After that we walked back to Teban with every intention of having dinner at Al barakat and then back home to sleep so that we can grab the free breakfast at Jurong on Sunday. But when we walked up to the old flats at Teban, i heard the distinct sound of Indian drum. i m not sure what they are called, but i know Indian drum when i hear it. I always have some thing for drums.They do something for me...i often feel possessed when i hear that sound.

We followed the drum beat and somehow i saw something strange. There were many Indian men, and i m sure they were Singaporean guys,all dressed up in black shirt and black dhoti. Two of them each were holding a very big artificial kavadi that was covered in peacock feathers. Unluckily for me -  they ended their sequence just when we reached them. We thought that was the end of it and walked just behind the Indian guys not knowing what the hell happened. I mean i know its the Autumn festival meant for the Chinese and all. They hold candles, they burn incense stick and all that i know. But what confused me were these Indian guys. What were they doing on this night? Why were they doing the kavadi in the middle of the road? We don't know. One Indian middle aged auntie asked me if i knew what was going on and i told her that i was just as clueless as she was. We stopped at the entrance of the car park because just after the Indian guys left, there were different troupes of people coming out. They just kept coming out. There was one Chinese guy who was tall and semi naked from the top - he looked and walked as if he was possessed. He actually sprinted on the road and the followers had to run in front of him to slow him down!!

As such there was another group who had the Chinese gods and tiger man and stuffs like that. We have no idea what was going on , but all the troupe took walking to the streets, crossed the road and walked back to the CC road....and right now as i m writing this, i think they may have gone to the same Chinese temple that we came from.

We then ended the day with dinner from Al barakath, put Raihaan to bed and watched an old Tamil movie. TA slept while i finished the book called ' The Trouble with Marriage'. Nice and witty, but the ending was not right. it seemed very incomplete and left some basic questions un answered.

And today morning, we woke up late, rushed to Teban market for our pratha ( something that we missed for a month now), took the bus to Jurong point and walked down to the Jurong Park. We were late for the free breakfast, but when we were there, they started giving out free lunch.Once we reached the place, Raihaan was very sleepy actually, so we sat under the shade of the big tent, on the grass and watched the performance. The magic show was going on while TA and Ameer decided to use up the free coupons to get the free food, drinks and snacks. it was quite entertaining, They had magic show, snake show,belly dancing and then the lucky draw.  By the end of it all, we had some fun. We were given caps, small towels as free gifts. The food was not so bad. They had rice, veges, boiled chicken and sweet and sour fish fillets.At the end of it all, we went back home. TA and Raihaan had their usual dose of sleeping beauty nap and at the moment of me typing this, they left for another outing to fly kite.

I did not go cos i really hate kite flying. Its all about TA having fun and i find it totally useless unless i m flying that damn thing, but i m not and i cannot handle the heat and stress. Also, i m really not in the mood to socialise with anyone today, so i would like to go back to my nest and rest. I have to clean up the place cos they made it a mess.

Sometimes TA can be selfish...and that's at times only, not all the time. I hate kite flying...its not my thing. Period. TA is not happy with me about this, cos he was hoping that we can go kite flying with Bals and family and then go to East Coast to ride the bicycle. The problem is, i dun usually have fun cos i have to look after Raihaan all by myself. TA will be having fun flying the kite or riding the bike whatever it is, and i dun cos someone has to look after Raihaan. Since I was not going, Bal's wife did not tag along and thus TA is pissed. He called me a spoilt sport and left home sulking.  Bringing out Raihaan is not an easy task and TA knows that too...and yet he bought him out alone. I m thinking he will be back home soon.

Anyway that's all at the moment. The surprise thingy is just another 2 days away. By the way i had a scare of my life last Friday when TA called to tell me that his Malaysian visa expired last week and that he did not check. I was worried. i checked the Internet and they all say that you need a Malaysian visa to enter Malaysia if you are a Indian national. I checked with my tour agent and also called Star Cruise directly,but they confirmed that the visa is not compulsory. I was panic stricken for maybe couple of hours...and then i let the fear go. Its just money -  i can earn it back -  after all its credit card debt...i will way it back in two months time. So its not a big deal at the moment. So i just handed the whole worrying part to Allah and let Him handle the stress. I m sure whether we board the ship or not -  i m still ok.

Anyway signing off with some pictures taken last night and today.

Raihaan  at the family day event looking lost

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