3rd day without Hubby. I had my mum and sis stay with me chilling out since Sunday. They left for their own cribs today afternoon. And I have been in limbo for the past few days. Can feel the weight around my hips and waist for the past couple of days. I don't wanna blog about my infinete weight issues...they just never seem to come to a standstill.

Anyway -  i have been in limbo for thepast few days. I don't feel like myself and i feel terrible. It must be eversince the day S said those comments about me. Haiz. Fucking inferiority complex.

Life now is much more easier without driving class. I can breathe easy now.  Watching one of my favourite drams all time..."Parenthood". Really loving it. And then after the show, I m bringing Raihaan out for a walk. Hes been wanting to go out since my dad brought him out for a walk. Will do that in a while.

Theres a pending meeting with my company and my ex co in a couple of days and honestly i m not looking forward to it. Its my ex. I am out of the company and yet it seems that i have really not left it. And also -  i really hate meetings. In my ex -  they had so many meetings...i just had enough of it. And now another one,. Working again 8 months later and a meeting just makes me uneasy. I really have no idea what they want a meeting for. Haiz. I really love Prema...but i hate meeting. Maybe i have agoraphobia. ( learnt that in E News!)

Ah -  my parenthood is up. Time for a walk in the dark,.Will update when i have anything to update.

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