Raihaan not tolerated..

Today went well. I will say well cos it did not go too well. Started the day late, checked work, sent some emails and then showered, changed and left the house to pick up Raihaan. Plan was to buy the groceries for my mum ( since shes not well enough to walk to SS herself), pick Raihaan up and go to Jalan Besar Plaza and make payment for that surprise trip, make a trip to TGP, pick up TA, go somewhere break fast and then return back home. Sounds simple enough.

Raihaan had other plans. He was cranky when i reached West Coast. Dunno why. I packed food my mum prepared for him and left the house promising a good trip for Raihaan. I do not know where Jalan Besar Plaza is. When i checked online  -  it only said it was next to Lavender MRT. I did not read further for more detailed instructions. So my plan was to just wander along, make Raihaan happy till i find the place. Pretend to be a tourist in my own country. Thats what we did. I asked directions from a middle aged Indian uncle and thank god he directed me correctly. It was somewhere 20 mins of walking when i suddenly remembered i had GPRS in my handphone! I checked out the map and it directed me to that plaza!! It was just another 20 steps away from where i was lah! Haiz. Thank god for the GPRS in the phone. Technology works wonders.

Anyway the payment was done, and tickets collected. I m just worried how hubby will react. He will be happy, but definetly not happy that i did not discuss this with him beforehand. Anyway my main fear is of him not being able to make it. I really hope there will not be a cock up!!!!

Raihaan was ok even when we left that tour agent and walked all the way back to the MRT. He started becoming cranky when we arrived TGP. I think he was tired of all the walking, but I could not carry him. When i reached hubby;'s office it was 1630hrs. Raihaan was treated like a VIP in there. He just has way too many fans lah!  I fed him his late lunch there as well. But then we left office at 1730 and we had more than an hour to break fast. We know that Raihaan cannot be handled that long, so we decided to go for a bus ride and stop anywhere when its around 1900hrs so that we can break fast. We landed in National Library in Beach road. Raihaan just went berserk. He kept screaming and running about. ( We should have known!) His happiness was very shortlived when he was in the children's section, so we had to leave fast. It was just bad. He was difficult to control and i have no idea wheter its natural for kids to behave like that. TA lost his patience with Raihaan more than once.

How do i explain? He becomes stubborn. When we take away something he has with him, he will cry and make alot of noise. He will then start to attack you by slapping and all. He makes a mess with the food and throws things around. It just becomes messy. I m not sure if we are the ones who are making a mistake here or Raihaan. Its not easy to make Raihaan understand how stuffs work. When hes in a good mood -  he understands everything. When hes not -  you can expect the worst out from him. Hes just an angry boy. TA told me never to come to the office with Raihaan again. Thats how bad today was. We had to take a cab back home cos we cannot tolerate his crying and whining and slapping anymore.

Back home, after a while of playing with his wheels, i put him to sleep. I was thinking he was reacting in such a way cos he was in some kind of irritation. Maybe he was tired and sleepy and we were not paying attention to him or something. It must be it,cos he slept within moments in bed.

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