Life in process

Can you believe its the weekend already??? Time really flies...
Couple of updates...
The meeting between Forbes and my ExCO finally came and went. It was an hour plus long meeting. Prema looked dashing as always and I cannot wait for her baby to come out! Only Prema and Dominic came, and ACN did not make it. He makes me nervous.
Since my driving is finally over and my TP will only be somewhere in Oct, I have to dive deeper,harder and longer into the system that my current co is using now. I m not AR, but i sure learnt one or two from him. And i never did say I know the system at the back of my hand -  i just dabbled with it for 2 years and I had no interest in it then and now. But now, i have to rack my brain 360 degrees to remember details and update myself with the stuffs ExCo has now. Anyway later, i will be downloading the latest fixes from ExCo's website and I am like a predator waiting for a prey to come. I am looking forward for the errors to come up -  which i m sure there will be plenty.

Anyway the above mentioned boring stuff is work. Life is pretty much ok. I am somewhat getting out of Limbo.Still coming out somehow. The house never remains clean I noticed and i hate cleaning after Raihaan. I think thats what Motherhoods all about aint't it? Cleaning and maintaining kids.

Raihaan going crazy over the flag
I brought Raihaan out for walks and unexpected and un schduled bus trips. As long as he gets tired and sleeps by 10pm -  I m fine. Anyway today at Raihaan's playgroup - they celebrated National Day. It was going to be song and dance and some games between the kids and toddlers. I am very sure Raihaan does not know what was going around him and i was pretty much sure that he was going to be cranky like he was during his sports day. But thank god he was not. The school had prepared some refreshments for both kids and parents alike, so there was no child crying for food. There was some games and songs which the kids were too young to dance about. Only Sophie looked like a kid together with all the kids,dancing and singing for Chan Mali Chan, the Oh Yeah song, and the National Anthem. All in all - it was a great event and Raihaan enjoyed it.

Thats teacher Sofia dancing with the kids.

Prabha and Karthee dropped by today. Nice to have her around...sort of missed her company only when i had her today.But she did not stay long cos little Karthee got bored and he wanted to go. But we caught up at the play grounbd today and again did not get to spend more time cos i got held up with some last minute work. So Prabha and karthee had to leave early. Raihaan played for a while and then we walked around. I wanted to bring him to West Coast for a while, but then i remembered that Raihaan took my EZ link card and left it at my study table at the outing was cancelled. Instead we walked around a little, bought him a cup of ice cream and then chilled out for a while. Once we got back -  i prepared dinner for him and Raihaan made himself an omellete ( of course i helped him most of the time!). Well right now -  hes asleep.

The past few days with Raihaan were nice. He did not miss his dad ( for which hes deeply upset about!) and he seems to be having fun around as well. Sleeping with him - is wonderfful. He cuddles next to me and whispers " I LOVE YOU' and i admit i smile with my eyes closed when i hear that. oh god hes growing up too fast as well...haiz.
Raihaan happy with the flag and the coloring book he just got

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