Hate cleaning, i really do

Its the 6th day of fasting now. So far so good. Today was Raihaan's performance at the RC's Block Party today. It was really fun and all to see our only son all grown up and performing together with all the other kids in his play group. Though i must add it was very very tiring to catch up with Raihaan and all -  the day overall was good.

Anyway nothing much to add. TA might be going over to Chennai pretty soon. His grandmother has been admitted to hospital. She's already 84plus years old and is not expected to survive.So he wants to go and see her before she passes on. As usual Raihaan and i are not going. Hubby will be going over to Chennai again somewhere in Novemeber once his sister gives birth. So there will be 2 upcoming trips for him. My in laws may come somewhere in March after our trip. I really look forward to seeing them. I miss them.

My life is kinda getting to my nerves for the past few days. I just hate cleaning up. I really really hate cleaning up. Washing the dishes makes me have high pressure. Cleaning up after Raihaan makes me very very angry. I m getting the PT maid this coming Wednesday to help me clear the cabinets in the kitchen. Very tired. I think it must be the fasting getting to my nerves or it must be the extreme weight i m carrying around that makes me angry. Been arguing with TA non stop cos of this. Wonder when he will lose his temper......very very bad.

Anyway need to ciao. I'm  kinda reading some stuffs about EXCO's documents into one of their system. Refreshing again. Back to work in a couple of hours. Maybe i should sleep now and read up on this when i wake up for breakfast at 4.30am. Thats a better idea than trying to understand everything at one go....ok i go and sleep now. Will update when i have any more info. The pics from Raihaan's day out today will be posted someday. Phone is not with me today -  in charge mode in the room. Following mum to her appointment tomorrow.

Will update when i have any more to update.

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