End of Parenthood..and for me in a way

Last week -  House ended its 6th season. Next week -  Parenthood will be ending its 1st season. They were my favourite serials and they had to end!!! Haiz. Fringe will be back on channel 5 once the YOG is over. And i m not commenting any further on YOG cos i have no interest in Olympics and sports in the first place! So no comments.

Life is going on well. Everything remains the same...the house, the mess, the kid, the work, the life and hubby. Mashallah for that, not complaining. Had a phone call from my cruise agent asking if i wanted a Halal food served -  cos i can have halal food at the Taj restaurant free and i do not have to pay ( Taj restaurant is chargeable) -  BUT  i have to pay for the other free restaurants..... knowing TA -  i told her to go ahead and book the Halal slot. She even changed the bed....it was from 2 bedder to a queen bed now! ( i think i m supposed to be excited).

Anyway the surprise trip is more than a month away and i m not excited yet. Paris trip is another 5 months away and i m not excited yet. Sure they are something to look forward to, but seriously not interested. Hari Raya is another 15 days away!! Jeesh i just counted the days and i m taken aback.....just 2 weeks more and hari raya will be over!!! That's fast!!!  I was supposed to start baking some cookies this year...i don't know if i can anymore.

Its the same routine again...will have to go to Geylang get new curtains, new bed spreads, new cookies, new clothes for Hubby and kid. Hubby already bought me 2 new sets of clothes already. Also, i have 2 sets of Saree this year - so i m well covered. What is Hari Raya anyway? It used to be all about eating mum's briyani non stop with all her mouth watering pineapple tarts and murruku and those peanut cookies and suji and ghee balls she makes single handed. Now -  being a typical lazy person -  i cannot be bothered to make all those! So i think Hari Raya is all about fasting for 30 days -  and then celebrate the end of the fasting month with a feast. Do i really have to make all those cookies???? At least my mum had me and my sis to help out in the later years ( i m not sure about the years when i was 2years old)....here TA cannot lift a finger to do things at home so there's no way i can depend on him for domestic help.

That's one thing. The other thing thats bothering me is about having a baby. I have again decided not to have another baby. Raihaan has turned 2.5 year old and that's 30 months old already. Raihaan is becoming independent already. Hes interacting and communicating with me and he can do things himself. In fact i m thinking of taking away his milk bottles and introduce milk in a glass to him when he turns 3 next year. And i m comfortable with that. Those months after having a baby - they were huge. I have no words to describe them really. The pains in the butt, the breast feeding pains, the sleepless nights, the aching body and i dunno....really. I m over and done with that already and now three years later -  though i will love to see a new baby in the house, i have no desire to actually care for it. Diaper changing, milking and all -  they are not attractive and nope -  i think that phase of my life is finally over. I am of course not making any move in that direction...just have to do nothing about it. Exercise i will have to do and work on it - cos i have to prevent being like my mum. That i have to do.d

Anyway that's all i think...I don't remember much anymore. Have some reading to do before i head to the bed...need to wake up for breakfast tomorrow.
Will update if there is anything more.

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