Does he has ADHD?

Mum's appointment at B clinic went so far so good. Had a terrible time trying to control Raihaan at the hospital and there's another one more appointment i m following mum with  tomorrow and i cannot imagine the hoo haa he will create.

Mums kinda in a dilemma at the moment. Her doc has scheduled her for an total knee replacement surgery somewhere in Oct. She does not want to go. But somehow we are talking about getting a maid again. I want Mum to stay with me till she recovers and till then she will have her own maid who will take care of Mum's need while i go on about as normal with my hectic schedule. As much as i have been against it for the past one year -  it seems that i cannot just get rid of the notion that i need a maid. Actually i don;t.I just need some help and that my hubby could have done, but being typical Indian he will not. So there you go -  denial again. Oh gosh....

Anyway i m gonna sleep now. I just checked the pics i took for Raihaan's performance at the block party they did not turn out well. My hubby took too many long shots and thus cannot capture Raihaan at all. So they will not be uploaded here. I have no idea how to convert my video into a CD..maybe i should bring it to a professional and have it done by them.

And Raihaan -  i m not sure whats wrong with him. Hes becoming too active. Hes been coughing for the past one and half month and we have brought him to over 2 different docs thrice,. Hes still coughing. But somehow recently hes been taking 5 different types of medicines- all at one go and i m not sure if its because of that. Hes behaving very oddly. Its as if he took some kind of Ecstacy pill you know? Just active. Hes running about, throwing things here and there and dancing about, hitting objects wherever he goes. Hes throwing tantrums, becoming more stubborn and talks back alot.. And yeah its very very difficult to keep a straight mind when i m at home with him when he goes on demolishing the house i would have taken 2 hours to clean. I don't want to hit him or smack him again -  but its tough to keep him in a tight leash.....maybe he has ADHD.....i think i will check about it in the internet when i have the time.

Got to go now. I just realised that i have driving class the day after tomorrow. Thank god i checked my BBDC schedule when i was talking to my mum just a while back. I would have lost a SGD75 worth of class just for my carelessness.Have i missed anything out? Lets see.....nope. I will write more when i have anything more to update.


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