Beginning of the 7th year.

The wedding day came and off it went. I m surprised every day at the rate things move around here. They move fast even before you have a grasp of things.

Anyway -  I met up with Hubby after work last friday and we went to break fast at the Tiffany's located at the Furama Hotel. Hubby had no time to make reservations for the Buka Puasa buffet at Concorde Hotel. That came as a shock for me cos i told him precisely to make reservations there a week earlier and i would pretend to be surprised. Now -  asking him to pretend giving me a surprise did not work as well.

Oh did i mention there was no surprise gifts from him? He'd rather i tell him what i want than get something for me which i might complain about it later on. After thinking for over an hour in the midst of having our dinner -  i decided to buy myself some books. The food at Tiffany's was nice. In fact so were the staff there. Since Hubby gives regular business to Furama -  our dinner was on the hotel's tab!!  But then theres a limit on how much you can consume.  I did not each much there. Was completley full by the time i had my appetizer.

After dinner - off we went to Vivo -  and bought myself two books from David Hewson-'Blue Demon' and 'The Cemetry of Secrets' and one book from Sophie Hannah - 'Hurting distance'. Also bought a thick beautiful note book...i am thinking of penning my letters to Raihaan in a book format instead -  so it will look like a collection of letters in a book. Well i will think of that later.

So while i was making purchases for those books, i found out that my DBS credit card has been maxed out!!!! I was kinda sure it would happen, but i did not think it would be over a purchase of SGD80! Hubby looked at me and i did not return the favour. He paid for the books and  told me to recheck my finance again. I m sure my big chunk was due to the surprise trip i had for him, which i m thinking of settling within the end of this month. Well -i think theres some issue with my finances and i have to do something about it.

Back to my wedding day saga -  yeah that was all. We got tired walking around the book store and we took 2 buses to reach home and then watched Avatar. I liked the movie actually. I was against watching the movie for a while cos i thought it will look good in 3D only -  but it was equally good in 2D. So after watching that ( it was pretty long movie anyway!) we decided to have our breakfast and then proceed to sleep instead of trying to wake up an hour later.

But somehow -  i had the throwing up feeling. I though it must be due to the buffet -  i did not eat as much i would have- but still i had the un digested feeling. Did the wiggling of the tongue thingy till i threw up a little and went back to bed only after i had a cup of lemongrass and ginger tea. Had the same un-digested feeling when i broke fast again today....not sure why. But i did not eat well today.

So hubby's turn to surprise me was over. And my turn is coming up in another  weeks time. So theres still time.

Home wise -  i m thinking of employing a maid at home. I am very lazy and there are things that i m turning blind to at home. I rather get someone to do the dirty work rather than I making life difficult for me and everyone at home. I have been getting angry with Hubby for the past few month now. Hes all the go for having a helper at long as i do not get angry- hes fine. I will start to work on that by Monday. Need to scan all my personal details and pass them to the agent.

Forex wise -  nil progress. Its been 3 months since i last touched anything about Forex and i m so ashamed about it. I have for the moment lost interest in it. I will have to revitalise it again somehow.

General -  Also did i mention that i ordered flowers and chocolates to be sent to Raihaan's teachers for teachers day? It cost SGD70. Don't know what came over me -  but then ordered and over. Teacher's day falls on 1st of Sept - so thats done and over with.

Hari Raya -  Still the same. We have not moved our ass to go to Geylang for the usual shopping event. I hate over crowded places and i m very sure its super crowded this time of the month. I just need to get new curtains and bed spreads and then maybe some crackers. Thats it. Mum and I will start on making the cookies by next week. Still trying to get myself motivated on it. Thats kinda hard to do when i m tired most of the time.

Work wise -  boss wants me to churn out some vital reports and have them out fast. I did look around for the reports he wanted the other time, but cannot find the ones he specifically wanted. This time hes asked me to check on MIS. I m sure EXcom is not catering much for MIS as they do for other modules, but boss wants me to do a demo on it. Again -  due to time constraint and lack of attention and health -  i m not able to focus on my work. Now i m worried if my boss will throw me out. Well as long as he gets the virtual software up and running -  i will not have to worry about missing printers. They have been giving me problems for the past one week and Ester told me it was a SSH issue and not the hardware ones. Already emailed to SSH and have received case numbers from them already.  I really hope the printer issue comes to an end. Now thats a summary of work.

Family wise -  mum has still not decided if shes wants to go ahead for her knee surgery. Shes not sure if she can have a maid. So shes still in the 'not sure' limbo. My sister's hubby will be flying for his umrah i think tomorrow night. He will not be around with his family to celebrate Hari Raya. Well as long as hes going in the name of Allah -  thats good. Too bad -  sis cannot go along.Shes still breast feeding Teeja - so she cannot go. pity her.

Thats about it at the moment. Holiday wise -  TA has not started to make accomodation arrangements yet. No travel plans and not accomodation yet. Now he saying we cut London out from the plan and focus on France. So we might do a internal travel of France in train and by foot. Still -  a long way to go and lot more time to plan. Another 5 months to go. Need to brush up my french and check out the travel passes and places to visit.

Other than that -  i have nothing much to add. Thats life at the moment. Still struggling with the housework and trying to be a mum and wife at the same time., I am not sure if i can do it. Stuggling lah.


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