Anniversary adventure planning

Something came over me today. I read an article from Marriage Central about how a couple decided to make their anniversary something they would remember as and not just the normal dinner and all. They took turns to surprise their partners by doing a getaway. That got me thinking.

My anniversary is coming up and I kept racking my inactive brain to come up with a place that both of us can get away to. Bintan, Batam and Desaru came up to my mind as I walked to Raihaan's playgroup to pick him up..but then they are all the places that i have been to ( except for Batam which i have absolutely no desire to go to). Then i happen to see a picture of a cruise vessel on a bus or something like that and then it hit me! Cruise!!! We can go to a Cruise to nowhere together! 

After putting Raihaan to sleep, I took the papers and checked. A cruise to nowhere resulted in calls to 3 travel agencies. They just did not have the cabin i wanted on the dates i wanted. I actually wanted to travel the week after Hari Raya.And they do not have the cruise to nowhere...they had somewhere to go to !!! But then it coincided with the school holidays and so all the slots were booked. I am not interested in going for the rooms that had portholes or no windows at all. I m paying money for cruise, i rather go for balcony. As usual there will be some drama in my life....TA is scheduled to go to Melbourne for training somewhere in September, but he has no idea when. So when they call, he has to go and its too early for him to advise me a date. I m worried that if i book now, he will leave to Melbourne on the date i chose thus resulting in cancellation charge. I cannot book for Oct slots, cos Mum will be back from her Knee Surgery and i don't think its advisable to be away when she needs me the most.

So the trip is a little uncertain. Cruise is certain...the date is not.

So in summary -  this is a surprise anniversary gift for my hubby.Hubby does not like surprises...and i m well aware of that. But i just love surprising him. Anyway this is the plan:

1) We are leaving on a Wednesday ( no slots for the ones leaving on Friday lah!) night. The departure is 1159hrs. The gates closes 1.5 hours before the departure time. So we have time to check in during the after work hours.

2) I will inform TA that he has to apply leave on Thursday only and that he will have his surprise on Thursday only.

3) On Wednesday morning, I will leave Raihaan at West Coast and rush back to Teban.

4) Pack our clothes for 3 days, check tickets and passport.

5) Assuming that Hubby leaves office at 1830hours, I call hubby at his office and tell him to come down to his lobby and that i will be picking him up in a cab.

6)  Once he boards the cab, we will head down to harbour Front and check in. ( got to remember to tell Uncle Taxi not to mention that the Final Destination in Harbour Front when TA is in the cab!)

7) Of course by now he will know that we are going to cruise.There will be approximately 15 minutes of him scolding me for surprising him like that.

8) And then when we are in, he will be in for another surprise when he finds out that we have balcony in our room!!! ( and then of course another 15 mins of scolding).

9) Blissful romance till Friday morning when we arrive back to Sin.

Ok - so all these are projected imaginations in my mind. I m not sure if i can carry them out. I m just worried about last minute cancellation and all. First time doing a surprise that's not limiting to a restaurant or a cuff link. Haiz...worried...very.

I can cover the expenses for the trip with my 2 months of pay. So thats settled.

Now i have to focus on looking for a maid for my mum. She wanted one and i think its advisable we find one before mom goes for her surgery. I m not sure if going back to Amy is a good idea...but let me try first before i try someone else.

Anyway thats all i have at the moment. I m going to office tomorrow and then to BBDC for my evening driving class. Raihaan will be staying overnight at West Coast. Raihaan is ok today. Still active. He helped me with prepaing the thosais and the cookies i made. ( normal chocolate chip cookies that were pretty soft in the middle and i m not sure why).

Got to go. Ciao.

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