we come

After a long time, I m blogging, in this blog, in a bus on the way home with my kid. I know. Technology. It awes me at times.

Anyway after several attempts to blog and failed at that, cos i use the word pad to blog and then paste it, but somehow, i was not able to paste it here. So there were several attempts of blogging, that were not successful.

Life at the moment here is going well and is on full swing. I have started to work for Forbes as a part time system admin. And so far the scope has been light. There were some issues that i was at a loss on coming up with a solution, but somehow or rather, things are taking care of themselves.

Its a known fact that i have two blogs. This and another one which is a private one. Now, i have been experimenting with another blogging platform called Word press after it popped out as a recommended blog by some Techy nerds on a forum and after doing several tests, i was satisfied with the performance. So i have moved my private blog there and its been great. Its still a Private blog so no surprises there.

Anyway some good news. We are finally going to France! We have even booked the tickets!!! We are leaving on the 2nd of Feb next year and arrive on the 12th of the same month. We have booked the ticket to Paris and from there we have made plans to visit London and then Switzerland. Now they are all plans that can change, but we made the first step of booking and paying for the tickets first so that we will not procratsinate and push this further to another year siting finances as an excuse.

I will be blogging this as one of the updates, since this trip is Hira's and her family's first as well! Anyway for now, I have borrowed 6 travel guides of Paris, London and about the train to Europe. But because i m focusing on my driving and trying to get it over and done with, I have not had the tine to read and do ample research on it. I will start as soon as i complete my FTT. As of writing this, I just have passed my Evaluation and the actual test will be on the 27th of this month ( next Tues). I think most probably, my driving class will end by this month and i really hope it does. I m so tired of running around west coast and woodlands, sending and picking up Raihaan every day. Oh boy am i tired!

Anyway I have to ciao. Raihaan is not letting me be . Will update more as and when i can.

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