Panic attacks and all

Had absolutely not time to blog...honestly. I m kinda slow in typing today cos my over grown fingernails are hampering that process. Why am i growing them? Well i was thinking of spending some money on luxury before fasting starts in couple of weeks time. Thats why. Want to go for a manicure...will do that soon.

Anyway i m budgeting my blogging time to about 10 mins today,I have to tackle the house work and complete it by 11am and then rush to pick up Raihaan, send him to West Coast and rush for my driving class. I m very very tired nowadays and i guess it must be due the panic i have nowadays. You see, i panic alot. Alot and its not understated. I get some kind of panic attacks when i cannot produce something i am expected to produce.

Like say for example my new part time job now. I m expected to be the person to know everything in SSS and should know the system inside out. I din know the system then and i still don't know it yet. I thought i was never ever going to work for SSH, so i left all my precious notes there. Now, I need help myself. Its like something inside me stops me from learning everything a block or something. Computers and i don't like each other very much....we just don't speak the same lingo. Been there for 2 years and i still need assistance from the newbies....thats how bad i was and i still don't know why they kept me for such a long time.

Anyway someone once said...even if you don't know about something, just bullshit about it. It may be true. Of course i know some basic stuffs, i just cannot remember them anymore. Anyway i don't want to lose my sleep over it. I can live without a job for a while anyway...lived without it for 8 months.

Driving is coming to an end tomorrow. Gonna miss Lee XY, but then its a good break. I have been advised to come for refresher class once every 2 weeks so that i will not forget the stuffs in time for my TP. I have not booked my TP yet, but the next available slot is somewhere in Sept. Just nice...Ramadan would have been over. Cannot focus on too many things...or else I'll mess all of them up.

Nothing much to add at the moment. Need to start on the cleaning...will update more when i have the time,

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