Nice weekend

I was reading one of the travel guides i borrowed -  "London for Dummies" -  when Rabia called. Rabia is my sister's friend from Bolton, England.  Rabia and her family came down for holiday last year and though she did not spend time at our place in Teban, we met and went out to Little India once.Nice person and beautiful personality.

I sent her a mail last week informing her that we'd be coming to London, but may not be able to visit her since she lives 4 hours away from London. But she called up asking us to allocate a total of 4 days in London -  2 days in Central London and another 2 days in Bolton. Food and accomodation -  not to be worried -  we can dine and rest at her place and she will bring us sightseeing. But then if we cannot make it to Bolton, she said she will come over to London and bring us Sightseeing, though she wished we had come during warmer times. Discussed with Hubby, and coming to London may or may not be a probability since he had to apply for a visa to go there. Hubby is leaving for Norway this weekend for 10 days. He will be back and then he has an upcoming trip to India and Manila and the visa processing for London takes a month in which he has to stay away from his passport for a month. So i m not sure how..but lets see. We have to start making the hotel arrangements in this two months so that we can get them cheaper. Thats what Rabia said too. I m contemplating between a B&B and a hotel. We have to wait till the Ramdan is over before we start making solid plans.

Well thats that for holiday plans. Life at home these past 2 days are ok. The family went out to West Coast for a little kite flying yesterday. Raihaan had so much fun, though i think Hubby had more fun than any of us. Daddy came with us for a while and then he left an hour later. He looked very tired,.

Bals and Family came down as well. Bals was having good time with his family, playing ball and building sand castle with his 1 year old kid. It was fun. Anyway as usual, shit happens when i try to attach pictures here. Anyway i have to ciao now. Got to pick up Raihaan, drop him at my mums and rush to BBDC for driving class and practice and then meet up with Fathima whos bringing me to Artistry for my face analysis appointment. Busy day again and i hope Forbes does not call me today. Just finished that sentence and i got a call from them! Haiz.

Bals digging a tunnel through the hills

Raihaan flying the kite
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The boys building a sand castle

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