Lousy caretaker

Oh it was some day today. Today I babysat for a stranger. A complete stranger! I agreed to take on this cos I needed the cash and also, I just wanted to see if I can take the pressure. After sending Raihaan home, Norah came home to send off her kid Ashyr. Hes a 7 month old toddler. Very cute and friendly. Nora left me some instructions which were basically next to nothing. Just no food for kid, he drinks milk. Hes only allowed one intake of food per day - some gas trouble according to the doc.

The moment Nora left -  he cried. Oh boy can he cry! But he was not wailing like Karthee....he was just crying. Have you heard Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh laugh... thats how this kid cry!!! I m not joking. My class today was at 1410hours, but I was still at my mum's place at 1300hrs! I should have been leaving...but I did not. Ashyr does not like to lie on his back and he like to be carried. So it was tough to get him to sleep and when he did sleep  - after I fed him his milk, I had to make my own son sleep as well. When the boys finally slept at 1330hrs -  I took a cab to class. I also took a cab back home -  rushing to be wth the kid.

I just did not get the chance to work. I was just not able to. I was glued to this boy...I had to watch him and be resposible for him. Plus my parents were a great help too. Daddy carried that little champ most of the time when he cried and my mum kept him siting at her lap and sometimes carried him around when she can. Raihaan played his part by keeping that baby entertained. Sad to say I just wanted to get it over and done with. I feel bad for the kid cos he kept crying and he just does not like to sleep. All in all -  he slept only twice and had 4 bottles of milk and cried for a total of maybe 3 hours( not a long stretch -  just calculating the breaks of tears in between). I was so happy when Nora came back..( though she was an hour late) -  i loved the way Ashyr smiled when she came in.

Though my parents did not want me to take any form of payment from Norah -  I somehow don't share that sentiment. I m just helping one working woman for one day. Well yeah -  the timing was not right and I had two extra hand in helping me out -  but taking care of ones child is different from taking care of another one. And I mean a strrangers and not your friends or relative's. They are different. I think of myself as doing an ad hoc service to working mums who have last minute caretaker issues. Been there and done that...so I understand. But I don't think i can do this as a side business cos with Forbes on my plate - I do not think i can handle work, Raihaan, house, cooking and a baby sitting at the same time. Yeah -  all done at home and I don't have to step out of my house...agreed. But the issue here is -  if the kid I am supposed to be looking after is less than a year old -  I have to be there all the time for the kid. I have to entertain and feed the kid and soothe the baby when he or she cries. That leaves me little time for Raihaan and house. Or if I get myself a maid- things may turn out right -  but still -  its not logical to get a maid. I hate that idea and I am so against it. I don't care if my toilet is rotting at sight -  I will clean it up one day -  and I do not want a full time maid again -  ever.

Anyway today is tough and so will be tomorrow. My last driving class tomorrow, Will be booking TP in Oct -  will book that tomorrow when Hubby transfers me the funds. Have liased with Azlida to pick up our family potraits and will be going to office after my Driving simulator and class. Its Date night tomorrow and we are going to China town. Time to get myself new contact lenses.,,..I have used up my last box this month and no more for August. Will buy another 6 more boxes tomorrow.

Thats all for now. Will blog when I have more dramas.

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